Have I made an invalid Confession?


I was in mortal sin and I went to Confession, but I skipped a class at my University to go to Confession. Did I commit a mortal sin in doing that, and should I go and re-confess my sins?


While skipping class might be imprudent…

…unless you have made some extra-special promise to attend each and every class it is not sinful to skip an occasional class…

…especially if you have a good reason.



What commandment would that have broken? What deadly sin would that fall under? I don’t see any sin here, mortal or venial.


Well, afterwards my aunt asked me how school was and I said “It was alright” and then I changed the conversation. It was an instant reaction to the question, but I’m assuming that it’s venial due to the fact that skipping the class in itself wasn’t mean to be done out of malice or anything, but because I wanted to be forgiven of sin and I didn’t think I could go to Confession at any other time during the week. I hadn’t made a specific vow or promise of “I’ll never ever skip class ever”, though now I’ve realized it’s stupid to skip class anyways and I’ll make sure to avoid doing that now. Do you guys think I’m okay and just being scrupulous at this point?


I don’t understand what you think you did wrong.

Do you think your aunt is entitled to knowledge about whether or not you attended class that day? As far as I know it is none of her business whether or not you attend every class. Unless skipping that particular class put you at risk for getting bad marks then answering, “It was alright,” had no connection with going to confession instead of class.

If you were already not doing well at university then you would have lied to your aunt. But it wouldn’t have any connection to the confession you made.




I’m not doing bad at all in University so far, and I just started a new term. I understand; I think I’m just being tempted to scrupulosity at this point. I apologize if this thread was annoying, and I thank everyone for posting. :slight_smile: My mind is much more at ease, and I’ll focus on guarding myself from scrupulosity and start trusting in the mercy of Christ much more than I have been.

Thank you everyone! :slight_smile:


Mortal sin means that one turns away from God, which requires an act of will with knowledge that the act or omission is a grave matter, or through willful careless disregard for that gravely sinful act or omission when we are uncertain.


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