Have I missed something this year


Where is the annual thread debating the morality of Santa Claus this year? I have popcorn going to waste.



Lol. I love Santa Claus, and yes, I know that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas
Ho Ho Ho


Santa’s morals are in question? :eek:


Krampus all the way!


No, that would refer to the “morality” of referring to, having your small children believe in, or otherwise including images of Santa Claus in one’s Christmas observances / family celebrations.


There was a whole article on the homepage of Catholic Answers. It handled the question quite well and there weren’t many who responded negatively. Beautiful job.:slight_smile:


I know! All this popcorn! It’s going to stale by summer and the next annual debate.


Yes, they are now…

Couldn’t resist.




Are we talking about St. Nicholas, whose feast was Dec. 6, or are we talking about the mythical “person” that has become intertwined with American Christmas?:confused: How did that happen, anyhow?:shrug:


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