Have I mortally sinned?

I applied for a short term loan to tide me over, but omitted to add circa £30 in monthly expenditure because I was afraid the loan would be declined. Was this a mortal sin? When it occurred to me that it might be, I begged God’s forgiveness (confession isn’t until Thursday) because I am sorry I disappointed him. But I may have compounded my sin by receiving Holy Communion today. Please help, I am in anguish over this!


In order for an act to be mortally sinful, the act must be mortally sinful in itself, the person must know that it is mortally (or at least, seriously) sinful and the person must freely choose to act.

You didn’t think that not mentioning the monthly expenditure might be mortally sinful at the time. It was only later when the thought of mortal sin occurred to you. If this is so, then there can’t be a mortal sin here. You must have sincerely reasoned that you can manage to remain solvent while having to make the monthly expenditure. If you still believe this to be the case, then be at peace.

You might mention in Confession your unease with having received Holy Communion when you feared having committed a mortal sin—even though you hadn’t.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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