Have I sinned by refraining from the Blood of Christ for "bad reasons?"

Just to let you know, I am aware that one does not have to partake in both the Blood of Christ and His Body during Communion. Either part is sufficient by itself. However, I believe that I may have excused myself from the partaking in the Blood of Christ for reasons other than preference. The reason I bring this up is because, as my username implies, I have been known to be quite scrupulous. That is why I would like to ask my fellow Catholics before I even consider bothering my Priest. So, please bear with me here.

Please note, there was absolutely no other reason for me to not partake in the Blood of Christ other than the “bad reasons.” Those “bad reasons” are to a large extent popular pressure and to a lesser extent discomfort. By popular pressure, I mean that I noticed not many other people in my parish, including my family, partake in the Blood of Christ either, so I decided not to. What I mean by discomfort is that it has been awhile since I have partaken in the Blood of Christ and was somewhat unsure of how to do so especially when being pressured by someone waiting in line behind me. The combination of these reasons has led me to believe that I have refused to partake in the Blood of Christ because I was afraid of what others would think.

So, have I committed a mortal sin and should I go to confession? Should I motivate myself in the future to partake in the Blood of Christ? Also, if I should choose to refrain again, should I try to do it for the right reasons? I would appreciate your help.

Please forgive me for my scrupulosity and ignorance.

Definitely not a mortal sin not to partake in the Precious Blood. I honestly can’t think of any “bad” reasons to not partake, although there are plenty of good reasons someone should not partake (as in someone being in the state of mortal sin).

Try not to overthink it. You already know that it is not required to partake the Precious Blood, whether you personally choose to or not. So all that’s left is then your personal choice to participate, a choice which, in the reasons you’ve outlined, don’t seem to be bad.

Sometimes I overthink whether I want to receive on the tongue or in the hand, but sooner or later, I’m just forced to make a decision when the person ahead of me is receiving. Think about whether you want to receive the Precious Blood as well prior to getting up for Communion. Try to stick with your decision, but try not to over-analyze your reasons for your decision. It would not be a mortal sin to receive or not for any reason as long as you are in the state of grace.

You have not sinned. You have the option to receive under either species. I usually don’t receive from the cup either and for less than honorable reasons. I simply don’t care to drink from the same cup as 50 other people have just before me and in receiving the host only I am receiving Christ entirely, body, blood, soul. divinity. How can that be sinful?

OTOH, if you feel you HAVE to receive both species, then you might be doubting that receiving only one of the species suffices. Just saying, not judging.

No sin has been committed. Peace be with you.

There is nothing wrong with what you did because in the host which you have received Christ is present, body and blood, soul and divinity and it is not necessary to receive under both substances: body and blood.

Pax Christi vobiscum

Because what you chose to do was not sinful, how could making that choice based on public pressure be sinful? It is when we chose to do something sinful because we value human respect over God’s respect that we sin.

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