Have I sinned if I accidentally lost a piece of the Eucharist?

last week at mass the eucharistic minister handed me half of a host that had been broken, it also had a very tiny piece about to disconnect from the rest of the host. As she placed it in my hand the tiny piece did fall off. I consumed the larger piece then tried to pick up the tiny piece with my fingers out of the palm of my hand(it was very small, perhaps 1/10th the size of a penny, even smaller. I couldn’t grasp it well and it stuck to my finger and I tried to consume it but it stuck to my lip, then I moved my finger back to my lip to push it into my mouth but I could no longer feel it and I assume it fell to the ground. I kept telling myself it was not a sin since it was an accident and I tried my best, but at the same time after mass I thought of looking for it on the floor but I figured it would be long gone by then either since someone stepped on it or just cause it was too small to pick out on the carpet. I don’t know what to do, I’m planning on going to confession wednesday night for other reasons, should I tell the priest this whole story or am I being too scrupulous?


You didn’t deliberately do anything wrong. There is no sin here.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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