Have I sinned? Question about clairvoyant

Hello all, I am after some advice if any one can help? ( I am a new Catholic)

A lady that I know (not that well) from my Children’s school invited me round for coffee and she started to open up about her marriage and that they are on a trial seperation. She is finding life hard at the moment and told me she went to see a clairvoyant to try and “shed some light on her future”

She asked me if I would ever go to one and I said no I wouldn’t, so we just carried on talking about other things.

However, after I got home I have started to think that maybe I should have elaborated on why I would not go and then I could’ve spoken about my faith. So, what I want to know is, have I committed a sin by missing an opportunity

Melissa x

Nope, you haven’t. You talked to her to the best of your abilities, and have explained it to her as you best know how at that time. The decision is hers, whether she would go or not, but it’s not your fault anymore if she does go.



No, I don’t think you sinned. And you might have saved yourself a lot of trouble by not getting drawn more deeply into her problems.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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