Have I sinned?

I took vitamin c to bring on a period. I was a no th late, but I knew I wasn’t pregnant because I had taken 4 pregnancy tests that came up negative, even though I hadn’t done anything to get pregnant. I’m just not sure that if there was some chance I was pregnant and I took the vitamin c to bring on the period, that I could have in theory aborted a baby. I had been in a relationship before then, but we hadn’t actually done it, we were impure in some ways, but none that could have caused a pregnancy. I have been to confession a couple of times since then, I just wasn’t sure if I had sinned, and kept forgetting to ask the priest in the confessional.


Well, doing that seems to be the best way to get a meaningful and authoritative answer.


Vitamin C won’t produce an abortion. Nor is it likely to bring on menstruation.


I’ve never heard this claim for Vitamin C before, but this article was very entertaining and informative! :thumbsup:

Lynn - if you didn’t have sexual intercourse, why would you think there would be “some chance” that you were pregnant? If you can’t talk with your mother, please talk with a health teacher at school or your doctor to learn about sex.

Why would you want to “bring on a period?”

Why take 4**** pregnancy tests if you “hadn’t done anything that would get you pregnant?”

None of this is adding up. It sounds like you thought the Vitamin C would have aborted a baby and that is why you took it. And if that were the case, you must have “done something.”

So perhaps you need to rethink how you would put yourself in this situation at all, and just stop. And then you know what? No worries every month. And no having to lie about what you were doing.

I really enjoy SBM. I also read a lot at painscience.com/ as I studied massage once upon a time & have had a lot of pain issues over the years.

I’ll second this.

Thanks for the article, I said the exact same thing they said in the article

“We were caught off guard by the question, finding it such a strange connection to make.”

I guess you can find just about anything on the internet now adays

God is in control of keeping our children alive one breath at a time. Vitamin c will not induce an abortion. However if you took vitamin c with the intention to ensure you would not be pregnant that is a sign of some deeper issues that need to be addressed in your life. I hear you minimizing something you consider to be slightly impure. That’s what needs to be brought to the priest or a spiritual mentor.

I went to confession about having been slightly impure, and I was forgiven for it, and I didn’t take the vitamin c to ensure I wasn’t pregnant, I was just trying to bring on a late menstrual cycle. And the pregnancy test were negative, and I hadn’t done anything to be pregnant, so I was pretty sure it would not cause an abortion seeing as how the test said I wasn’t pregnant.

Four pregnancy tests after doing something “slightly impure” sounds odd. If you don’t understand how babies are made, and the reason for pregnancy tests, talk with your mother, a teacher or counselor, or your doctor.

I didn’t have sexual intercourse or anything close to it, I got his fluids on my hand and then went to the restroom and afraid I got it on me. I read that it could get you pregnant. So I took a test after I was 2 weeks late, then it was negative so I was curious as to why it was exactly that I was late if I wasn’t pregnant so I took the medicine to just bring it on after that. I’m actually pretty dumb with all of this. And I really do believe everything I read. So I appologize. But I wasn’t lying throughout my original story.

Although it is a serious sin and not being a “little impure” you can’t get pregnant from an Old Fashioned. You should probably get a good catholic book on sexual health and biology if you’re unsure as to how pregnancy occurs.

Uh… If his “fluids” are on your hands, you are doing something not right. Don’t know how old you are to be so naive, but again, you need to stop what you are doing.

have. And I’m sorry I’ve wasted your time. I’ve learned a lot over the years, just not sure if I sinned while doing this. I’m trying to be a good faithful Catholic again. But you’re making it really difficult. All I want was a yes or no answer, I don’t need to be told about what I did was wrong. I’m fully aware and have been counseled on it in confession, I don’t newsboy hear it from you too.

So taking the vitamin c to bring on my menstrual cycle was a sin? Or just the being impure?

Don’t think so - you’re making it difficult for yourself. When you have a question about whether or not your actions were sinful, you should be talking with your priest, not asking about it on the Internet.

Depends on what you thought you were doing by taking Vitamin C. Even though Vitamin C isn’t a contraceptive if you took it with the mistaken belief that it was you would need to confess that as well.

Okay thank you!

Okay. I’m done listening to you. I did plan on asking the priest, I forgot in the confessional. I understand that what I did was wrong. I’m sorry. It just sorta happened. It wasn’t planned. I will make sure to never ask you anything ever again.

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