Have I sinned?

I am not really sure i have sinned or not. I came back from absolution just the other day. Ok I was on google and decided hey I will look at some pics on google and test the “safe search” option. I checked the check box and typed. A term that would show beautiful models or such. That would without safe search possibly bring back a humm pic that might put one in sin. Nudity to be frank. Well it return things I was not wanting to see. I didn’t know that you have to save after you check the box. So all remember that. I tried again and something didn’t work. Twice I looked at images that are not something I wanted to get, but test if I could avoid it. Humm. Do I have to go to confession again?

Obviously, you didn’t have lustful intentions or trying to derive pleasure from those pictures. Personally, I think that you are fine. I don’t think it is a sin to look at models wearing little amount of clothing, it is only wrong if you look at the picture for hedonistic means like masturbation.
If you want to be sure, talk to your priest. It is possible that I have no idea what I am talking about:p

No harm no foul. You weren’t looking for trouble.

Count me as a vote for sin. Not because you sinned but rather to show the silliness of asking strangers if you sinned.

Amazing logic there sir!

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