Have Jewish converts become Catholic or Protestant?

I have heard that many Jews are being converted to Christ. Are they being converted to the Catholic Church, or to the Fundamentalist and Evangelical churches? Along with your answer, do you know of any reliable Jewish-Christian web site I can visit?

While it is true that Evangelical Christians have special ministries organized specifically for Jewish converts (e.g., Jews for Jesus, Israel My Glory), and that many Jewish converts belong to such Protestant movements as Messianic Judaism, many Jewish converts have also been joining the Catholic Church. One of Catholic Answers’ staff apologists, Rosalind Moss, is a Hebrew Catholic who converted first to Protestant Christianity and then to the Catholic Church. Her brother, David Moss, is the head of the Association of Hebrew Catholics, an apostolate dedicated to preserving the Jewish identity of converts within the Catholic Church.

**Recommended reading:

The Accidental Convert** by Jeri Westerson (article)
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem by Rosalind Moss (article)
Bread from Heaven edited by Ronda Chervin (book)
Salvation Is From the Jews by Roy H. Schoeman (book)

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