Have LGBT+ Rights Had Their Day?

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There’s a general tendency to reduce the fight for rights when those rights are generally accepted.


Which legal rights do we believe they should be relieved of?

Or which actions, ultimately, would we argue they be jailed for?

Ultimately, it’s when the public or private practice of faith is restricted that the line will be drawn because nobody wants to be threatened with loss if income or imprisonment for being themselves and living their peaceful lives unmolested by the law.

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None. LGBTs should have the same rights as everyone else. When those rights are given and accepted then there is nothing left for which to fight.


But even when those rights have been given and accepted by most people, they will still have to be defended. And, of course, that’s not just true of LGBT people. We all have to defend our rights lest they be whittled away while we’re not paying attention.

Eternal vigilence…

Given the great and growing gap between the Progressives and the rest of the country, it is likely that at some point the Supreme Court will been to address the conflict between the “found” right to marry and the 1st Amendment, a point that I believe it was Justice Scalia who indicated the coming collision. We already have had people of strong faith convictions be economically destroyed due to individuals who have long forgotten their “we just want to be accepted” mantra.

That a multitude of the LGBTQ community have suffered discrimination (other than the issue of marriage) is as clear as discrimination of other races and ethnic groups. The Church does not condone discrimination; neither does it support the “woke” concept which has undergird many of the changes in the last several decades.

And while Catholic moral theology would likely hold that making a cake for a gay couple is not material cooperation in the “wedding”, Evangelicals do not necessarily accept that as too subtle. When the power of the State is used against them, it exemplifies the issue Scalia noted.

The “woke” students of at least one university have raised Cain over Chick fil A serving sandwiches on campus. So have the rights had their day? I would suggest the battle rages. Boycotts, however, are not State action, so likely to continue.

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All I see is a blank page

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I read an article about a month ago which stated how gays are moving away from the Transgender movement, as it’s become to far left politically, even for them.

Be good if it did

I’m old enough to remember when the LGB distanced themselves from the T and didn’t want to be under the same category.

It is not something new that the targets of discrimination become people who themselves discriminate against others.


Also more letters keep getting added. Q after T, or maybe it’s T after Q, and then other letters after these which I have no idea what they stand for.

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All too true.

LGBT+ have always had the same objective rights as anyone else. Now they’ve have been granted subjective rights wherein there is the constant potential for conflict. Where in the natural objective relationship of male and female is disregarded then so is the natural objective of the marital embrace and thus the denial of the natural objective rights of children. Children are not natural divine blessing but the property of those who wish to possess them and by all means are not the objective natural being male or female created in the image of God but are the unimaged beings born into the slavery of the chaos of the subjectively undefined image of the anti-gods.

There is hope for those of us that claim and hold to the truth. For our Savior said “I am the Way the Truth and the Life” so do not fear to speak the truth it shall set you free. Male and female God created and both He created in his image and He establishes the male and female relationship to participate in His divine will of creation and true happiness is to live in harmony with the divine will of our Creator who has not willed a spirit of confusion. So praise God and pray for his mercy on us and on His children that are being led estray by the dark confusion of lies and the denial of the divine spark of the complimentary male and female image of God that He created.

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