Have Marian objects become a racket?


I tell ya, what’s next? On the media, just in the last year, I saw a piece of pizza with a Marian imprint in the slice of cheese sell for $10,000 dollars. Then there was the stained bedroom door that had a so called Main image selling on ebay. Now yesterday, on the news this young teen was selling this pretzel that was supposedly shaped like Mary holding the baby Jesus and some guy bought that from her.

                                    What is wrong with people? Are they nuts or what? How can people be so gullible? I mean they shell out big money. What do you say about this money making racket?


I say I should probably go through the debris from our house renovation (courtesy State Farm) and find some Marian treasure I can sell to make the mortgage payment! If the craze continues, maybe I can buy a Cessna Caravan.

Seems like I miss out on all the great things. First the Pet Rock, then the Tonya Tapper, now Marian paraphernalia. Knowing myself, I’ll probably just watch this one go by like the others.



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