Have my confessions been good?


I just learned that when I go to confession, I need to state the number of times I committed my sins. I’m a convert since 4/7/2012 through RCIA. From that time, to now, I’ve just been saying the specific sin without giving a number. Such as,

“I committed fornication this week.” or “I looked at pornography on the internet.”

I never gave the priest a number of times that I did it. Are my past confessions still valid? I’m worried that they may not be, since I didn’t tell the priest the number of times I committed my sins. :confused:

What should I do?


Your confessions were valid. It is necessary for an “integral” confession that you confess the number and kind of each sin, but if you leave out the number the validity is not effected. Priests will often as “how many times?” to encourage an integral confession.

So be assured that your confessions were valid!


Rest assured! Your confessions are good. Praise the Lord!


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