Have pagan gods been canonized?

I attended a friend’s non-denominational Christian educational program called Investigations in order to hear the comments made about the Catholic Church, and consequently respond to them for the benefit of my friend. The presenters were talking about Church scandals and made the claim that pagan gods were made into saints by the Catholic Church. This sounds outlandish, but since I had never heard of this before, I had no answer for it.

Can you please tell me the foundation for this accusation, and perhaps provide me with a source of information concerning this issue?

Those who should provide sources and documentation for such a claim are those who made the claim in the first place. For the future, whenever you hear a speaker make a claim that you know that he is either making out of context or is simply making up, the way to confront him is to ask him in the question-and-answer session to provide proof of his assertions. If a Q-and-A forum is not available, simply tell your friend that you cannot possibly reply to assertions for which no evidence was offered.

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