Have saints prophesied the "three days of darkness"?

Members of my Rosary group have been talking about a phenomena called, “the three days of darkness,” that has supposedly been foretold by several saints. The story is that a red cross will appear in the sky followed in three days to one week by a night of intense cold followed by three days of darkness during which only blessed candles will shed light. All of the demons of Hell will be released upon the earth and three quarters of humanity will be wiped out by the vengence of God. The only survivors will be those faithful who lock themselves in their houses and cover all windows. When the light returns on the third day, the survivors will come out to a renewed earth and live a pastoral existence.

Have saints actually prophasized such a thing or is this a Catholic urban legend?

Many saints, venerables and blesseds have prophesied about the three days of darkness. You’ll find their names and information on the three days of darkness in the book Trial, Tribulation & Triumph—Before, During and After Antichrist, by Desmond Birch. This book is an excellent resource for information on Catholic doctrine and prophecy concerning the Latter and End Times (e.g. the minor chastisement, the Age of Peace, the Major Chastisement, the Four Last Things). Click here for purchase information.

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