Have the holy souls ever helped you?


has anyone ever prayed to the holy souls in purgatory for a favour…?..

did you use a prayer from a prayerbook…or one that you made up yourself…?

i personally believe that if we ask them for a favour then at the same time we should especially pray for them…so that we can help them as they help us…

does anyone have any prayers to the holy souls to obtain a favour…i have prayers that can be said to help them be released…but i haven’t found one for a favour…i ususally just make a prayer up in my own words…


I may be wrong here, so excuse me if I am and someone can correct me…

But, I don’t think that I would ask favors from souls in purgatory. They have enough going on :wink: they need our prayers more so.

Again, my opinon.

Are souls in purgatory considered part of the communion of Saints?

The 30-Day novena that I am using currently says that the Holy Souls do pray for us.

This helps me think more about the Holy Souls. In fact, love lasts forever, and it makes sense that love for others still exists in Purgatory. Love does not exist only on Earth and Heaven. They surely need our prayers, but their wanting and loving God are so great, so does their love for us. Jesus teaches us to love God with all your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself. I am sure the Holy Souls take this command more serious than we do. For that, we call them “holy” souls.

I have never asked Holy souls in purgatory for favors or intercession. I have only prayed for there comfort and release. As for being in the communion of the Saints, I would say yes. They are the Church suffering and to be in communion with the Church is to be in the body of Christ. Isn’t all the Church in this communion? Only mortal sin ruptures this communion and we must be reconciled to be in the “body”. Someone correct me if I’m wrong , please. Tim

I was always taught that the souls in Purgatory can pray for us, but they cannot pray for themselves. That’s why we have to pray for them.

That is my understanding, also. I always pray for them, and ask for their help.

The Holy Souls in Purgatory are in great need of our prayers to speed their entrance into heaven. They intercede for the benefactors.

Through their intercession I was healed of a very prolonged illness which involved dizziness, vertigo, (which means that the room appears to be spinning around, which is a terrible sensation that makes the person feel like they are in a clothes dryer when it is turned on!), nausea, severe face and ear pain, severe tinnitus (ringing noises in the ear), and balance disturbances, and more.

They also interceded for me in other matters. I know of a lady who was facing bankruptcy and they came promptly to her assistance, when she offered her monthly merits for them.

I had made a webpage detailing her story and several other accounts that I know of where the Holy Souls in Purgatory interceded and obtained great help for the people involved.

The webpage also has prayers for the relief of The Holy Souls in Purgatory and ideas about how to assist them, and a poem that I have written to increase awareness of their plight and to encourage people to ask for their intercession. There is also a prayer to them, in which you offer your merits and ask for a particular favour through their intercession.

The page is at:


**Novena to St Philomena the Wonder Worker for the healing of autism: **


Each person (who has autism) whose name is sent to be included in this novena, will be prayed for regularly by a priest of Lourdes, France at the grotto. Only the first name of the person is needed for the purpose of this novena. Everyone is invited to send names: parents, grandparents, teachers, doctors, aunties, therapists etc.

Yes, that is my understanding also.

Yes, that is my understanding also.

Mine as well.

The Holy Souls are a part of the communion of saints known as the Church Suffering just as we are the Church Militant and the souls in heaven are the Church Triumphant.

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