Have the rules changed?

I find myself involved with, among other things, spiritual warfare. So when I pray, how should I address this. Can I say " I rebuke you satan " or should I say instead " may the Lord rebuke satan. "

I would say “May the Lord rebuke Satan”.

Yes, I would ask the Lord to do the heavy lifting. “Lord, keep this and all evil away from me” or something like that. Don’t forget the sign of the cross! Also, you could enlist St. Michael, utilizing the usual prayer.

God bless,

I think it’s somewhere in scripture that even St Michael himself said nothing more to the devil than ‘May the Lord rebuke you’.

I think it is asking for trouble to attempt to directly address the Evil One or any other evil spirit. Most exorcists advise not to do so - at least not for laypeople.

Agree with this, always ask the Lord to rebulk Satan and his minions. Lily is making a very good point…

I read that we should never speak with the devil directly or enter into conversation with him or the demons. I think it’s safer to pray to God in spiritual warfare. The best way to fight the devil is to focus on God, not speak to the devil. Ask Mary and Saints to pray for you, ask St Michael to protect you.

I think I read somewhere that St Michael told satan, “there is none like God.”, and that is how he rebuked him.

I like the St Michael prayer, I think it’s a great prayer to say every day.

Once while praying the LOTH, I heard the words “God lied” to which I responded “Get Lost.” It was the first thing that came to mind. We have more power than we realize by virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation. Christ dwells within us.
That being said, I generally say “Jesus is Lord” and ask Him to protect me during prayer. I also pray to Michael the Archangel. "Defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snare of the devil. *****May God rebuke him/***I], we humbly pray and do thou oh prince of heavenly hosts cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls."
Our best defense is to call on the Lord. Using a human analogy, do we call the police when we sense we are in danger, or do we try to handle the situation by ourselves?

I don’t think there is any official rule that says not to rebuke directly, but I personally think it is safer to ask God to do any rebuking, casting out, etc. As Lily said it is not recommended that the average person use “I” commands with demons. At the SPCDC, we recommend praying to God rather than commanding directly.

You may find some helpful prayers in this Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog. Each of these prayers has God doing the “heavy lifting” as Dan said.

Often when the devil is tempting me to think bad thoughts about myself (i.e. you’re worthless) I say in my head something like “I hate you! you’re a liar! Go to hell!” It’s just a reaction though, not a prayer (I do pray too of course) so you made me think about that.


Then Satan has accomplished the task of causing you to lose your peace even though you rejected the temptation. Here’s another way of handling it that often puts a stop to the temptations and thoughts, and is for the good of your soul and others:

Fighting fire with Fire

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