Have there been any positive portrayals of Catholic clergy in the movies or TV lately?

I’ve just read the X-files movie thread, and it made me wonder, have any of you seen a Catholic priest or nun portrayed in a positive light lately? It seems to me that Hollywood is now portraying Catholic clergy in the worst way.

I just saw this movie last night

Diary of City Priest (2002) with David Morse

Ok about 20 years ago, Au Revoir Les Enfants. about Catholic priests who hid some Jewish boys from the Nazi’s.

The priest in “Cinema Paradiso” is somewhat benign (also 20 years ago)

In Titanic, while the ship was sinking, some priests in the background were saying prayers and offering absolution.

Otherwise…can’t really think of any other recent examples.

The priest in Exorcism of Emily Rose is the protagonist of the movie. Throughout the movie, the priest is on trial for negligence in the death of the girl from whom he was trying to cast demons. His defense attourney, a woman whose faith had long been dormant, began to regain her faith through defending her client. I have some issues with a theological can of worms that the movie opens, but I do recommend this movie.
The priest in Exorcist: the Beginning, is also protrayed decently, at least toward the end of the movie. This movie is a prequel to the original Exorcist. I do not recommend these movies to anyone, but in Exorcist: the Beginning, Fr. Marren is a former priest who lost his faith after being forced to partake in Nazi attrocities. Toward the end, he repents and turns to Christ, begging his help to combat the devil who has been tormenting his friends and the African townspeople where the movie is set.

I know this might not be what you’re looking for, but here in Texas (I don’t know if it runs all over the country) there is an insurance commercial where a lady can’t figure out which plan to pick. She asks 3 or 4 random people on the streets before she goes to the library and starts talking to a priest. He tells her to call whichever insurance company the commercial is for and they will help her decide. He’s the only one that even tries to help her.

I’m sure people these days would have something to say about a priest hiding boys.

Its been ticking me off lately…With the amount of “Law and Order” shows (or similiar shows) with pedophile priests, or Catholics being made to look bad because of the teachings of the Church against homosexuality etc.

Its just stupid and it ticks me off.

I don’t recall many positive portrayals of any priests in anything but what is mentioned above and Catholic tv shows/films.

Bash Catholics in movies and TV shows and its OK…Do the same to Jews or muslims…Then there is hell to pay. :rolleyes:

Even the Jews have been portrayed badly in the media. There was a CSI recently in which a Rabbi was accused of being a poedophile…clearly because the producer decided TV needed a little break from the usual Catholic bashing. They would never show this about Islam, which, as I witness first hand here in Iraq, is rife with poedophilia in all forms, as well as other every, and I mean every, sort of depravity.

Mr. Eko’s saintly brother “Emi” (if that’s how it’s spelled!) on *Lost *would be one recent example. And in popular fiction (I don’t recall this making it into the first season of the TV series, but it may show up later if the series isn’t canceled), the *Dresden Files *novel *Grave Peril *has a devout and holy Catholic layman who battles evil, and a wise priest who helps out (Fr. Forthill, I think his name was).


Ditto. He is portrayed as the kind of strong, faithful man I know most priests to be.

The Monastery on TLC last year was awesome.

A&E did the brilliant God or the Girl - soon to be priests!

A one word answer----NO!

The last TV show that consistently portrayed Catholic clergy in a positive light was the show MacGyver. I bought four seasons worth on DVD and they often featured nuns in a favorable respectful light. I remember one story in particular where a fake priest crossed in front of the tabernacle, and MacGyver said “That’s no priest, he didn’t genuflect.” There was only one episode - the 1st episode of the 3rd season - that was objectionable in that it showed MacGyver in bed (well, sitting on the bed) with a Russian girl in a slinky nighty. Other than that, clean and uplifting series with a lot of good messages for kids (and old kids like me).

I’m not sure if it was really positive, but in an episode of “Bones”, the priest turned out not to be the killer, which is rare for a TV crime drama.

do commercials count?

there’s a State Farm commercial with a women polling everyone about insurance or something. Finally, she asks a priest and he recommends State Farm.

And this one Dairy Queen - Father’s Day

These are welcome relief from the bashing.

There was a crime drama show on the other night (might have been Jane Doe) where the killer was on of a set of triplets given up for adoption at birth. The priest is the one who had found them homes when they were babies and gives the cops the information to help find the killer. :thumbsup:

Hehehe, So MacGyver’s a Catholic character?

That was a good show that one. Didn’t like “Stargate” though, Preferred Kirt Russell in that role.

Anyway Ditto “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” that was a superb portrayal of the Priesthood. I also liked a “straight to video” movie called “The Good Shepherd”(in some countries it’s called “The Confessor”) where Christian Slater played a priest(who is a media spokesperson for his cardinal and has never found a call to be a Parish Priest) who has to defend another Priest that gets accused of murder. It’s a very good positive portrayal of the priesthood, I was quite surprised by this because I don’t think Slater is that good an actor in most movies. In this one he really does well.

macgyver was the only reason i watched stargate.

to add to the list of badlight shows-boston legal where the church was successfully sued by a woman for discrimination because she couldnt be a priest.

Then he’d probably assume that my pastor and the associate aren’t real priests either.

How about Father Mulcahy from MAS*H? The series, not the movie.

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