Have there been any positive portrayals of Catholic clergy in the movies or TV lately?

While he was portrayed as being pretty 'good" he was also pretty weak and ineffective.

i always thought that was more for character development to show how hard war is on everyone. it was an antiwar afterall.

i can recall a few episodes where he really stood up for things he believed in, like giving a deserter sanctuary in the mess hall, the whipping his butt when he realized the guy was faking.

Has anyone noticed there is a priest character in the new season of “Mad Men”? While I haven’t seen all this season’s episodes, and I don’t think it’s clear yet what role he will play in the series, so far I would say portrayal of him has been neutral or even respectful.

The priest who appears occasionaly on the Everybody Loves Raymond show is generally shown in a positive, helpful light.

The TV show NCIS seems to take a good view at Catholicism and the priesthood. One episode last year or the year before depicted a priest honoring the seal of the confessional and was treated with respect and courtesy. I listen to relevant radio and they are always saying that the Catholic church is the only segment left that its politically correct to condemn.

This just in…headine in Long Island Newsday sports section " Something about that hail Mary" this of course is about a very important crucial football game played by grown ups making heaps of money watched by folks who are in debt to their credit card companies. The Hail Mary has to do with a certain type of pass in football.I wrote to the author thanking him (tongue in cheek.ouch) for doing this on Jesus’ moms birthday…so any thoughts…is it ok for the ruling class to again use a Christian person ,this time the Blessed Virgin Mary…to describe a particular type of tossed pig skin…oops…not PC…yes September 8…Marys birthday…

Of course Notre Dame also has what they call “touch down Jesus” on a mural facing the stadium. Of course the University of Notre Dame is an entity in itself.

FWIW – remember the TV show, *The Book of Daniel, *from a couple of years ago? It featured a drug-addicted Episcopal Priest. It dragged out every lurid thing in life . . . and Christians of all stripes protested vehemently.

Then there was the pitiful Dan Ayrkroyd series, *Soul Man about 10 years ago. *Even Aykroyd’s talent couldn’t redeem the idiocy of that Episcopal priest. Writers, apparently, are CLUELESS!

Anything in a collar is a target for media misrepresentation.

I thought his was more of an apathetic character.

There were only nuns at the end, but the movie Return to Me had some pleasantly surprising scenes that referenced Catholicism (and the Rosary) a LOT. Not to mention, purgatory (the only movie where it wasn’t said anything along the lines of hell, but “you’ll spend a long time in purgatory” which the reply was “at least I’ll be among friends”). For a romantic movie, I would give it’s Catholic outlook a :thumbsup:

It’s not reaaally recent, but “The Mission” (1986) is a moving film centering around Jesuit priests in Brazil during the 18th century. It stars Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons. I highly recommend it!

i always thought that was more for character development to show how hard war is on everyone. it was an antiwar afterall.

i can recall a few episodes where he really stood up for things he believed in, like giving a deserter sanctuary in the mess hall, the whipping his butt when he realized the guy was faking.

Yup. And there was the scene where some whiny soldier with a minor wound was screaming for a doctor while other more seriously wounded soldiers were being treated. He took a swat at Hot Lips, and Mulcahy punched his lights out.

He also performed a tracheotomy out in no-man’s-land with a pocketknife and a fountain pen on a wounded soldier while under heavy enemy fire, and was the one who calmly talked down an extremely agitated Klinger (in his first appearance) who was carrying an armed grenade and threatening to blow up Major Burns (which, in retrospect, may only have been a venial sin…:stuck_out_tongue: )

Naw, I wouldn’t mess with “Dago Red” Mulcahy if he ever got his Irish up. Given how good he was with his dukes, it is extremely fortunate for the many characters that managed to push him to anger that he was first and foremost a man of peace.

So he was no wuss. But he just as he was a man of courage, he was also portrayed as a man of unflinching decency.

The Bruce Willis movie ‘Tears of the Sun’ portrays Catholics in a very positive way - the missionary workers are principled and courageous. Of course, the critics hated it!

I’ve been very impressed by Father Gill on Mad Men so far. Although I am afraid they might be leading towards something happening between him and Peggy. And also with the show currently taking place in late 1962 it’s obvious that a lot of character’s worlds are going to explode as the '60s progress, so I don’t know what they might do with Fr. Gill as the Church changes over the course of the show. But so far his efforts to help Peggy and to bring her back to the sacraments have been pretty inspiring. So I’m fearful about where they might going, but pleased about what they’ve done with him so far.

There was also an episode of CSI Miami a few years ago where at first it seemed like a murdered priest had been abusing a child, but then we found out he hadn’t done anything wrong but was killed by the boy’s mother because he was pressing the family to do the right things and reveal that the mom had killed her abusive ex. The episode ended with a pretty moving scene of the priest’s funeral, with all the police officers there sadly paying their respects.

Also the skinny priest in Fight Club doesn’t come off too badly. It’s easy to notice the scene where he’s wearing a collar and is recruited into Fight Club by an existing member picking a fight with him, but probably less people notice that the skinny guy shown beating Ed Norton in a fight after that is the priest, or that priest is shown very briefly praying over Bob after he’s shot (or possibly anointing him it’s hard to tell because it’s such a brief scene).

-Fr. Ryan Larson
Sts. Peter and Paul
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Back in 2001 there was a brilliant movie (just saw it on the weekend) made about Blessed Damien of Molokai - inspirational priest, worked with lepers in Hawaii about a century ago. Shows his human side but also his great heroism.

The Aussie actor playing Damien, who was brought up Catholic, was moved during filming to start going to mass every week again :thumbsup: :getholy:

Apparently there were difficulties (understatement of the century) between the director and producers - leading to two quite different versions. Not sure which one was released where except here in Oz.

If you look for it make sure you get the Director’s version.

Dialogue des Carmélites
the Padre Pio Movie

and my number one vid




I actually watched The Exorcist with my eyes squinting the whole time because I was too scared. So now I can’t remember if the priest over there was portrayed positively :shrug: But I do want to share that I ran The Exorcist steps (where the priest fell and died) a few days ago in Georgetown :smiley:

I have seen this movie too and it based on real priests. The character Father Dave Hagan in real life was a close mentor of Hank Gathers who played basketball for Loyola Marymount and died during NCAA tournament game. If you watch Gathers biopic Final Shot Father Dave is major part of the movie.

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