Have there been any private revelations that specifically endorse papal supremacy?


Are there any private revelations or apparitions that endorse papal supremacy? Is there any evidence outside of the claims of the Magisterium that the Pope is indeed the vicar of Christ and head of the church?


it all started when Jesus said

You are the rock I will build my church on… or something very similar


The Bible states as such


Marian apparitions have stated “the holy father will have much to suffer” or something like that. Seems plain to me. Doesn’t mean he always does what is right… but it does recognize the importance of the office he holds.


Marian apparitions have sometimes also brough special secret messages for the pope.


Which ones?


The third secret of Fatima mentions the pope


The sources, or rather channels, of public revelation are Bible, Tradition, and the Magisterium. Private revelation adds no doctrine at all.

It would be circular reasoning to use private revelation to support the Magisterium, since the Magisterium approves private revelation.

Stronger argument would be besides the Bible quotes, just the existence of a single, small Canon of the NT.

A second argument is the near universal acceptance of at least the basic core beliefs of tradition, such as the Trinity.

Without a papacy there might have been 300 books in the NT, and still adding them now. There might have multiple Christianities as there were in ancient times rather than the single family of similsr groups we have now.


Why would you need private revelations when the Bible is explicit on the issue?


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