Have tissues ready

This may have been posted before, but if not… it deserves a “sticky”…

If you think you’re tired, have “Got nothing left to give”, or your job is too hard, had a “tough day” at work/home… take a few minutes read this story and watch the 4 minute video.


I feel very weak & insignificant in comparison to this giant example of a man & father…

Holy cow, Jay2!
Thank you so much for sharing that…yes, I teared up, but now I want to watch it again!!

That is the most beautiful thing.

Wow! I just saw the video. It is a great love to see, a true love. I did need to use a tissue.


A tissue? I need a towel!! I am bawling like a baby here! Maybe it kind of hit home too as I have a disabled sis and I see all that my Mom has sacrificed for her.
I am ashamed to admit that I am from MA and have been to a marathon or 2 in my life and never knew of this team. This year I want to be there cheering them on!



How beautiful and moving. Thank you. I will be passing this one on.

I watched this last night…very beautiful…inspiring…

Love seeing proof of angels and saints living among us. THANK YOU for making my night by sharing that amazing story!

Wow! Remind me to heed the tear warnings and not watch at work…

What a beautiful and moving story.:slight_smile:

I am inspired to start running again instead of my easy comfortable walks.Thanks.

How can someone even begin to describe love like that? What an amazing testament each has given to the other. That’s easily one of the most beautiful and moving things I’ve ever seen in my life.

My little brother has DS and my mom goes into a website for parents of disabled kids and someone posted that on one of there threads we both died…now just watching and reading it again i get chills. Its an awesome thing. Im glad you shared it with us.

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