Have to touch touchscreen three or four lines below where I want to


Put the text icon in order to edit. In order to post, I have close the app strongly (hit the square on Android to bring up all backgrounded apps and click on browser), then restart

Is this me or are others having similar problems? It only happens here at CAF.


No, I’ve been having this problem with my android phone on CAF a lot the past few months. Sometimes it just takes scrolling up or down a bit on the screen. Sometimes I have to refresh a few times. And if that doesn’t work, then I have to close the window AND the whole browser and then reopen it.

It’s been really, really frustrating. It will work fine for awhile, but then suddenly mess up, with the cursor not appearing where I tap.

I had a big problem with the preview screen…I couldn’t get the “hide preview” button to work, till I realized I had to slide the screen up or down a certain way.

Since you’re having a problem, too, maybe it’s not just my phone.


Yes, I had thought it was just my phone, because I had dropped it and covered it with scotchtape, but it only happens on this one site.

Very odd, and the past couple of days, it has been happening almost continuously! Thanks for replying-- good to know it’s not just me :slight_smile:


Are you talking about when you tap in one place and it actually places the cursor something like 4 lines above where you tapped? If so I’ve had that problem on my android too. I usually “fix” the issue by tapping below the preview button, which brings it to the preview. From there I scroll down and hit “hide preview” which then takes back to the editing where the “fix” can last as little as a few seconds to being done for a while.

Reply from cell phone

Oh, this is very helpful–thank you!


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