Have we lost our sense of sin?

After talking with a lot of family members, friends and co workers they believe that homosexual acts, artificial contraception and even abortion is not even a venial sin. :eek: The people I have talked to range from Church going Catholics, to non practicing Catholics to protestants. Do people know what is venial and mortal sin anymore? Do they know what constitutes a sexual sin? The reasons they give for their belief is a false emphasis on love. Then they will claim you are judging because you have judged a sin to be a sin…Does anyone else have thoughts about this?

Sure. There was a time when you couldn’t even say sex on television, divorce was rare and abortion was illegal. Then, starting in the late 1960s, the Hippies and anarchists said, “Don’t trust anyone over 30!” Mom, dad, priests, nuns… “We got freedom!!!” Freedom from what? Sexual sin? Freedom to use illegal drugs? Freedom to shack up and fornicate? Each decade, starting in the late 1960s, the movies and then the TV shows gradually added more sex, some risque humor and other ‘naughty bits’ all the way up to George Carlin and Chris Rock. No-Fault Divorce becoming legal across the country tore families apart, especially during the 1980’s. It tore communities apart.

Then you had dissidents inside the Church doing bad things to lead the flock astray, followed by dissidents on the outside trying to tell women that they were the victims of all men. That THEY, not the guy, decided when to have sex, and if she got pregnant, only SHE could decide to abort a life. It took over 40 years, but the great wall was gradually torn down, and we live in Babel. To anyone reading this - learn what the Church teaches. Turn off your TV and stop seeing most films. It’s not worth it. Get rid of the porn and stop using illegal drugs.

Yes, I actually read the following: “We no longer want to feel guilty, or ashamed or sinful ever again.” Pray. Ask God for strength and don’t follow the crowd in doing evil.


Both of you posting before me describe my experiences exactly. Sin now is maybe not recycling and that’s about it.

I have never heard our priest (whom I consider to be a very godly man) speak about sin and the consequences of hell in his homily. How about anyone else lately?

Has everyone become just too PC?

I reverted in June, 2005 and have not heard one homily on sin, hell or purgatory. However, the homilies in the Masses on EWTN do cover these topics.

i have, all the time. as well as ones on homosexuality, abortion, cohabitation and contraception.

it important not to go to extremes. on the one hand, we need to know what sex is so we don’t get caught up doing the wrong things, on the other, no need to involve it in every story line or movie.

saying that the woman never has a right to decide when to have sex or vice versaand only the guy does is also wrong. both partners have to pray and discern properly, it can’t be a one-sided tyrany.

there are just causes for divorce, which is just like a separation in the eyes of the church anyways but i agree that it’s gone too far and people can divorce for any silly little reason they want.

I heard two very good homilies about family values today. I think priests are rediscovering their courage. They were PC, and people were still dropping away, so now they no longer mind if people leave (since they were going to, anyway) and they say what’s on their minds.

Well, we used to have clean TV programs which reinforced morality, “Leave it to Beaver”, “The Waltons”, “Little House on the Prairie” and others.

My father once told me the '60s was a major turning point for the worst. So, my father would have agreed with the above post, and I do, too.

The '60s came in with the idea of contraception. To me, contraception led directly led to abortion, in my opinion.

Drugs led to worse drugs.

Roles in the family became reversed. Men began to dress, and act, more like women. Women began to dress, and act, more like men. I think there became major confusion in our family roles.

Women who stayed at home seemed to become looked down upon by many, and they were encouraged to go out into the workforce, instead. I think feminism came in, and often there seemed a disrespect for women who chose traditional roles over some others.

Religion took the backseat. People like John Lennon were saying “no religion” in his song about peace, as if religion were always a bad thing.

Etiquette, manners, politeness, common courtesy went “out the window”. Chivalry all but died.

Whatever was normal suddenly became abnormal, and what was abnormal became normal.

Schools took out morality and God out. You couldn’t even use the word “God” (unless you wanted to swear).

In school, health class taught “Blessed are the sterile”.

The idea of authority changed. Parents could now go to jail for spanking a child.

Divorce became the norm.

Kids came to kill their classmates and teachers, then kill themselves. Suicide and all are at record highs.

Yes, I’d agree that somewhere along the line, we lost our sense of sin. Many, if not most, do not want to publicly admit sin even exists.

To be a bit more explicit, I’m talking about casual sex. As some men and women who were looking for ‘true love’ gradually succumbed to the “consenting - unmarried - adults” lie, then dating became nothing. I don’t think many people know how or care to learn what dating is. It’s like going to a restroom. Both parties relieve themselves and move on. Relationships can be so messy, some say - but we need real relationships today.


It’s a fact, contraception did lead to abortion.

So, let’s be normal again. Each one of us.


Have we lost our sense of sin? Absolutely – and I agree with most of the previous posts. No one wants to be held accountable for their actions in a negative way. 'If it feels good, why Not do it".
Pastors are paid by the people – and really - who Wants to be told about ‘sin’ or ‘hell’ or anything that does not help them ‘feel better’ as a result of ‘going to church’.
And the Bible colleges that Used to teach the authority of God’s Word, have eased back because They get their financial support from churches that don’t really Want to hear God’s Word. And a lot of That is due to colleges / universities who teach evolutionary ‘thought’ as Fact. And if we’re all just a higher form of animal life – and supposedly animals have simply evolved from an ‘act of nature’. Then why Worry about ‘sin’ cause supposedly there isn’t any ‘God’ who created anything. So life comes and life Goes – supposedly everything returns to ‘nothingness’.
So – the idea Seems to have ‘progressed’ to we have the ‘freedom’ to do what we Want to do. The Biblical morality/ ethics that we Used to be taught because they came from God’s Word – are considered to be archaic.
But what Has happened - is that leaving God Out of the equation – we’ve ‘evolved’ Downhill – As another poster has said – we now have thousands of abortions, homosexual relationships out in the open – tons of sexually transmitted diseases. Our prisons are full and over-flowing. Couples shacking-up together rather than getting married – divorce at an all-time high.
So – let’s get Back to reading God’s Word / Living Godliness / teaching God’s Word to our children. “Whatever we do in word or deed, do it all to glorify God.” Do to others as we’d have them do to Us.

I would like to take issue with your entire post, and hopefully I’ll have the time to do so in the future.

In the mean time, that particular excerpt stood out. Are you suggesting that it is preferable that women should not be able to decide when to have sex? In other words, are you suggesting that it is preferable that men only should be able to decide when to have sex? :confused:

To be a bit more explicit, I’m talking about casual sex.

Can you elaborate? I don’t understand. Thanks!

The secular world’s dogma of moral relativism says that there is no objective right or wrong and that good and evil are nothing but social constructs that are changeable. That’s why people will suddenly accept anything evil as good the minute man’s law changes and calls it good.

“The more one understands the holiness of God, the more one understands the opposite of what is holy, namely, the deceptive masks of the devil. Jesus Christ himself is the greatest example of this: before him, the Holy One, Satan could not keep hidden and was constantly compelled to show himself. So one might say that the disappearance of the awareness of the demonic indicates a related decline in holiness. The devil can take refuge in his favorite element, anonymity, if he is not exposed by the radiance of the person united to Christ.” - The Ratzinger Report, p.148

Yes, I believe humanity has lost a sense of sin. All things are to be explained away nowadays as either mental disorder, disease, or genetics. Therapists are the modern mans priest and their couches are the modern mans confessional.

Well stated. When we teach RCIA & CCD we try to stress the concepts of what is mortal and venial sins. Sometimes a trip through the Catechism is helpful. But I feel we have become a society of do whatever feels Ok to do is alright.

The Hippies said, “Hey man. If it feels good, do it.”


I feel the same way, too. It’s like some of us keep on deluding ourselves with false notions about salvation, thereby downplaying the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Here’s an example: one Sunday, during Mass, someone gets forced to accept Communion by his parents even though he knew that he committed mortal sins because he downloaded some pirated songs which are otherwise completely unavailable in his home country, whether by online purchase or by going to the nearest record store. And said person is at least twenty years old yet still not given enough autonomy to serve God to the fullest extent.

For Christmas, the youngster plans on purchasing an original, correctly-licensed PlayStation 2 game worth 800 Philippine pesos from an authorized store. But his family objects to his decision and suggests that he purchase pirated video game disks from Divisoria for only about a fraction of the price for original disks as a matter of practicality, even when said video games are unavailable for purchase in his hometown and going as far as to have him called ‘maarte’. However, he knows that the profits made from selling pirated software would be used in drug dealings, kidnappings, just about any sort of organized crime, especially when the vendor is an actual mobster.

In that case, he is never expecting any ‘exemptions’ from moral culpability just because he is still living with his parents (who haven’t been educated enough in the Catholic faith) and that they simply cannot afford purchasing a correctly-licensed video game in their hometown. Now he’s hesitates on how to reason with them regarding moral culpability.

Q. Have we lost our sense of sin?

A. Yes.


All sin is grave sin. When we break one of the commandments we break them all. How many times can we commit what is labeled a venial sin before it is mortal? All sin is abhorrent in the eyes of God.

Have many lost their sense of sin? YES

Consider this citation from the Lumen Gentium of the Second Vatican Council,

“On earth, still as pilgrims in a strange land, tracing in trial and in oppression the paths He trod, we are made one with His sufferings like the body is one with the Head, suffering with Him, that with Him we may be glorified.” (LG, 7)

This land is definitively strange. We become strange religious folk if we do not set ourselves apart within the way of the cross by the charitable self-giving to the outskirts of our comfort zones.

The works of mercy change the game. If we become a church of the poor, the game will change and we will be persecuted. But by that suffering of persecution we gain creditability and thereby our message on sin will be understood.

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