Have y'all heard about "traiteurs/ treaters" that we have here in Louisiana?



Here in south Louisiana “Cajun Country” we have DEEP STRONG Catholic Faith and Beliefs. I believe that is why Louisiana is the ONLY state to have parishes instead of counties like all of the other states. Ours are parishes because of the Catholic Church.

Now most people would say Traiteurs are hooey or something not Christian but it is very well known down here and very well used by many of the older folks, especially. It is all about God & prayers said to God & how God uses the treater, not the person themselves. Is a matter of fact if it becomes about the person, money, attention or fame then you know it’s not a real Traiteur. I have had some in my family but I don’t have personal first hand knowledge of what they did only what was told to me from my Mom and other family and friends. I just find this really interesting that we have them here. A Traiteur can not “advertise or promote” themselves. One must find them by word of mouth from others. A Traiteur can NOT accept money for their service. A Traiteur will NOT let you tell them Thank You they will say “NO, YOU MUST THANK GOD!”. The gifts/lessons of a Traiteur can ONLY be passed on to another family member and it must be taught male to female or female to male. Traiteurs can treat over the phone but they can NOT treat if the distance between them and the person they are treating passes over water. I’m sure there are other things that I’ve forgotten. But hey God can and does work in mysterious ways.


Thanks for posting that, Cajun! I had never heard of that before. That was a very good link for explaining everything.


I hadn’t heard of them. Very cool. Thanks for teaching me something new!


Alaska doesn’t have counties either, it calls that’s version of counties, boroughs. Also, it is unique as it is the only state not divvied up into County equivalents. Well, not legal ones, there are census areas because of the US Census Bureau. Anyway, there is some truth to why counties are called parishes in Louisiana, to what you’re saying.


It can be taught? No miraculous gift can be taught like a skill.
It won’t work if there is water between the Traiteur and the patient? I’m very sorry to say it but that sounds like magic, not miracle. Why would God’s miracle not be able to work past water?


I know how it sounds corny but BELIEVE me NO Good Catholic around here would do it or use it if it wasn’t from God. They wouldn’t dare take the chance of going to Hell for that. It’s not voodoo, magic or anything like that. It is total belief in God alone and God using His children as “vessels” of healing. God can give different gifts of healing to different people if He sees fit.


I accept that the locals believe this is a gift from God, and that they wouldn’t go to a traiteur if they thought otherwise.
It doesn’t follow that the traiteurs actually have such a gift.
Again, how can it be that God’s miraculous gift won’t work if there is water in the way?


I don’t know the specifics or the reasons I just know what I’ve been told.


Maybe “taught” is the wrong phrase but “passes it on/shares it” might be a better way to state it.


Interesting. Where I live a traiteur is a deli, or the owner or manager of one… :bread::sandwich::cheese::bacon: :woman_shrugging:


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