Have you accidentally genuflected when entering a building other than church?

  • Yes, often
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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On an episode of Word on Fire I listened to yesterday, the host, Brandon Vogt, said that his parents are so in the habit of attending Mass that they will automatically genuflect when entering a theater or sporting event.


This sounds like the beginning of a Babylon bee article:
Catholic Man Can’t Stop genuflecting wherever he goes.


In a theatre.


No but I have mistakenly genuflected when the Tabernacle was open and Our Lord was not there. I had to remind my sons to look and notice before genuflecting


I voted never but I should maybe qualify : I once or twice genuflected when entering a Protestant church (without a tabernacle).


It’s possible that I’ve done the same.

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Same here, so I voted ‘Sometimes’

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As I should have done :wink:

Genuflecting to show reverence to the Lord should not be habit in the sense that it’s just something that is done when going to sit in a church. It should be a deliberate act of respect to the Lord every time.


Yes, in a movie theater shortly after I was baptized. Muscle memory.:rofl:

What is the correct form when you get out of your seat to go and light a candle or fill out a mass intention ?

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I’ve done it at an evangelical protestant church!!

I agree with this 100%.

In fact, I find it odd that anyone would ‘mistakenly genuflect’ unless they had no clue what doing so meant.


I’ve done it once at a theatre I believe

There are some churches near here where the tabernacle isn’t in the main church; the majority habitually genuflect at their pews, and I always wonder if it’s because they aren’t paying attention or they don’t understand why they do it in the first place.


I’m sure I’ve made this mistake a few times out of habit. I remember when I was a kid, going to church with my mother on Good Friday. She would always be saying, either before we went in or in a whisper when we got inside, “Now remember, you don’t genuflect today! Jesus isn’t there today, Jesus is dead!”

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The weirdest one for me around here is a chapel where the altar has two sections of chairs facing each other (not facing the altar), but the actual tabernacle, surrounded by some drapes making a tiny Adoration chapel, is behind the right hand section of chairs. So if I sit in that section then Jesus is behind me. It gets very confusing. I usually try to visit Jesus on the way in and on the way out, but sometimes I forget and genuflect to the altar instead.

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I almost did that either this Easter or last Easter. I noticed what I was doing in the middle of going down, caught myself, and stood back up, which probably looked a lot more awkward than if I had just genuflected.

There was a PCA church I attended where one couple would always genuflect. It was kind of weird, but no one ever complained even in that incredibly Protestant church.

Yes, I’ve been to similar places, too. If they are configured ‘monastic’ style like that, it’s better to have the tabernacle at one end or in a separate room.

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