Have You Been Filled with the Holy Spirit?


I have… and things, well… change after that…
For one thing:
I still believe in praying to the saints, but it seems I am more “inclined” to focus on Jesus now… and the Holy Spirit (just me…) What about you?

I am not sure i can give another example… but i feel God expects different things of you once you have been throguh this…
Would like to hear stories…
Thanks… :slight_smile:


every person who is baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit in water is filled with the Holy Spirit at that moment.

so yes, i have been filled with the Holy Spirit.


bengal_fan is correct. We are filled at Baptism with the Holy Spirit, but some of us never un-wrap the “gift.” It is indeed a wonderful experience when one finally is able to comprehend what God has done for them at Baptism. It has happened to me and it does change your feelings and behavior when the loving action of God is finally recognized and responded to.

One danger I will warn you about. It is often the case that this “high” slowly dies away and you must trust and continue to respond to the Lord even during the “dry spells.” There are those that then waste time and effort trying to regain the “high” feeling once again.


There clearly are various degrees of being spirit filled. Paul clearly teaches believers to learn spiritual discipline. Its a lifelong process.

The Church & current Pope teach us to train ourselves via patterning our lives on Christ, via daily prayer / meditation / and scripture reading … to increase our awareness and holiness via H.S. W/O holiness we will not see God. The Church teaches only saints go to heaven … and only lesser saints make it to purgatory.

Lectio Divina is an ancient means of obtaining higher spiritual awareness of the Trinity … which has recently come into vogue for the laity.

Do a ‘google search’ … very good info on it.

I’m not saying that those with greater spirit filled lives don’t pray to saints … but, I do think the more we experience the God-man Christ in our lives, the more a Christian will find themself praying directly to the Prophet/High Priest/Christ the King.

Again … this is Pope Benedict’s message to us. [His books, writings, etc]


I have been baptized & also filled with the Holy Spirit…

I believe the Holy Spirit is with a person once he/she is baptized but there is a difference between that and being filled w/ the Spirit…


I didn’t get much H.S. from baptism … its the initial point, we are starting at ground zero. So perhaps a 2-3 plus.

But at confirmation, laying of hands … it was really awesome, … 8-9 plus.

With daily confessions and PMR (prayer, meditations, scripture reading) … its still climbing. Like fine wine ageing.

What’s the upper limit ?? God only knows.

Praise music [Hillsong’s Shout to the Lord : Platinum Collection CD ] … will surely lift one off the ground, and transport to heaven…

Thats the mystery of our faith in the ONE.


May I join this forum. All is based on my spiritual experience. Every person who has been baptized receives the Holy Spirit in full. However, the Holy Spirit in full should be maintained. Sooner or later, the Holy Spirit will leave us,if we cannot maintain. Maintaining the Holy Spirit is by reading the Holy Scriptures, receiving Eucharist, receiving sacraments, and continuing prayer. All is done like the gardener who maintains his garden by watering, giving fertilizer, etc.

the Holy Spirit will stay with us if we also cooperate with Him.

It is my sharing based on my spiritual life.

Justinus from Jakarta, Indonesia.


Indeed. And who greater can we pray to? In truth who better to ask to pray the Father for us?

What a faithful, gracious, and understanding High Priest we have. Glory be to Him who ever liveth to make intercession for us!


Exactly … its the rare person who stays fully dedicated for a lifetime in day-by-day walk of faith & fruitful living.

I once left the Lord for 5 years. Didn’t darken door of church, pray or read scripture. Unconfessed sin was responsible. The longer we wait to confess … the more the cancer on our souls metastasizes.

I even wondered if it was possible to regain Spirit of God ever again. Life became so material, so boring, so pointless, and w/o any real love within.

Full recovery took 2-3 months of breaking old habits and giving up material priorities. And turning off TV completely. TV is a total wasteland [except for history channel, PBS, etc]

It takes ‘silence’ away from the world … to once again hear spirit, and allow Christ to effect a recovery in a contrite heart. Lots of reading of Word, prayer, meditation … and making Covenant with Lord was especally helpful. A Covenant to never go more than 24hrs without prayer in spirit. Also, signing cross 3-4 X’s daily … and weekly Eucharist are unbelievably efficacious to our souls.

Christianity has always been a day-by-day spiritual calling. When we try to make do with only weekly/monthly sessions with God … we allow temptations to overwhelm us.


That’s interesting… I think it was the opposite with me… I didn’t SEEM to get much out of confirmation, probably because no one took the time to explain what it meant or anything. It seemed like a rushed affair… But in hindsight, it probably gave me much more than i realized because later in life, when i was a “sinner” (bigger one) there were certain sins i just would not ever consider doing… & that is the Holy Spirit (wheterh He is given credit or not)…

Baptism is the same thing: It imparts graces where none are always easily seen…


Hmm… it is interesting how i had to take a look at my past, from childhood on… to see how what you are saying here is true…

Now that i think about it, the unraveling of my life began when i left the family i was raised in, which, while far from perfect, DID attend Mass every Sunday… I was too young and un-catechized when i left home then to realize what a huge mess i was getting myself into…
Thank God I (finally) “got rescued”…


You are fortunate… It was much longer for me… and as you say, the longer you stay away, the more damage… Please pray hard for all those who are still gone

I even wondered if it was possible to regain Spirit of God ever again.

I have been there… :eek: .

And turning off TV completely. TV is a total wasteland [except for history channel, PBS, etc]

I am not even so sure about PBS… Its stories on the Catholic faith/Catholic history aren’t always accurate (as far as i can tell anyway… can’t say for sure since i “wasn’t there” when most of history was being made… :smiley: but in any case, things on TV are rarely favorable to the Catholi faith…Big news flash, i know:D) .

Also, signing cross 3-4 X’s daily …

Thanks for the reminder.


This is wisdom . It is an exercise I recommend to everyone. Turn off the TV, music, and other distractions. Take a long slow look at your past life as far back as you can remember. Most everyone is amazed at the number of times that God has in some manner touched their lives. Sometimes even in the midst of strife, troubles, and sin. :slight_smile:


Yes, I think it is really a revival of the graces of confirmation at a time I was more open to receive them. I later learned that the time you are feeling all those consolations of the Holy Spirit is when you should be establishing good habits of prayer and bible reading because God gradually takes away those feelings.

One wonderful thing has stayed with me. For forty plus years I had been terrified of going to confession – stomach pains, pounding heart, sweaty hands, etc. Each confession was a trial and the main feeling was of relief when it was over. After having this experience of the Holy Spirit the terror was gone. God is good!


Excellent advice… I wish everyone would do this… because for one thing, when you understand yourself (at least to some degree), you can understand others & then be better able to empathize w/ them… etc.

There is so much ambition, love of $, in the world… so little concern for others, hatred… etc. .
and this would not be the case if people would do what the Word says: give up everything for Jesus (i think that is Mark 10:17) & spend time on “work[ing] out [their] salvation w/ fear & trembling”… (Philippians 2:12) instead of living solely for this world…


I’ll second this post… don’t get discouraged by the “lows”… press on and find strength in your “highs”…
These feelings DO come and go throughout life… the “highs” are wonderful… and the “lows” are tough…


I just go to a priest who doesn’t know me. :smiley:


I’d like to add that praying to saints is certainly not a diversion from praying to Jesus. Why would you not pray to those united to His holy body and participate fully with Him? He wants us to pray for each other. It’s a great way to glorify and more fully understand Him, and the share of His glory He gives to us. :slight_smile:


I was immersed in water by the name of God the Father,
God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
when I decided to turn away from my old life and follow Jesus.

I was laid hands on for the Holy Spirit Baptism
and I spoke in other tongues.

I was laid hands on a second time and experienced
being filled by the Holy Spirit with physical manifestations.
It was a very good experience indeed to be fully filled.
It is God proving to me that He is indeed living in/through me.
I will never let go of Him and likewise, may He never let me go
away from His Presence.

It is mostly the Pentecostals and the Charismatics who
often get filled with the Holy Spirit because they believe
strongly in this and practice this.
Other Protestant denominations preach against this because
they don’t understand and have not experienced this.


A lot of Catholics speak against it also… or, if they don’t say anything, thye nevertheless act like its something weird…

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