Have you been to a Dedication Mass for a church?


Here is a 6 min video of the Dedication Mass to our new church in Round Rock, TX - Saint William church.



Yes, I have. Just once about 4 years ago in my former Parish. Such a treat. It’s a beautiful Mass. Your new Church is beautiful, it happens to look alot like my former Parish, St. Luke! Thanks for posting the video.:slight_smile:


I wish I had been able to make it to my parent’s new church dedication, I heard it was beautiful!


Yes. I attended our parish church dedication in 1995 with my husband and children.

It seems really strange to me that there are so many people on this forum who attend Mass in a church building which is older than they are. But then, I’m getting old and I live in California where the majority of the parishes, (let alone church buildings), are probably forty-five years old or less.


I attended the dedication of my parish after it was renovated and that was a very special experience. Seeing the different parts of the dedication – putting chrism on the altar, for example – helped me see it turn from a “building” into a “church.” I also felt a kinship with all the people all around the world who have seen these same rituals performed in their churches.


Great job on putting together this montage - I was impressed at the quality.

It was wonderful to see the entire assembly STANDING AND SINGING the communion hymn after they returned to their seats - a sure sign of a unified community seeing the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist they just received and in each other.

The video showed and extremely reverent and holy rite being celebrated. Congratulations on your new church. I’m sure it will be a place that many will come to celebrate their greatest joys and find comfort for their saddest sorrows for many, many years.


I finally got around to watching your video. I’m curious about the procession at the beginning. Where did it start?

I know when our church was dedicated we had a three day celebration. On Friday we had a prayer service at the older parish in town followed by a three or four mile procession from that chapel to the entrance of the seminary where we had been attending Mass. At that point another group starting at the seminary met up with the first group and together walked to the site of the new church. Then we had a small ceremony in the courtyard followed by a fiesta. On Saturday we just had a very short procession to the front door at which point things continued much like they did in your church. On Sunday we had our first regular parish Mass.

I loved the musical score for your dedication video, but then I’ve been a Bob Hurd fan for the last thirty-some years. He composed that song for the dedication of a church not far from me.


I have attended several (my company creates Art & Environment).

It is always interesting to see how different areas and cultures celebrate this wonderful occasion! I learn something new at each church and parish I work with!


Nope. Would like to, though.

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