Have you continued on with something from Lent?


I was wondering if anyone has continued on with something that you started during the last Lenten season. I myself started praying the Rosary every day back then and was pretty successful in it’s practice during Lent. I therefore decided to continue on with praying it daily and have had some good success at keeping it up.


I gave up my husband for Lent. It was God’s idea, not mine, and He wants me to keep it up apparently as husband has not returned like Lazarus.


4 or 5 years ago I gave up all commercial “news” (Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, etc.) I never took it back up.


My imperfections are frequently being put into practice. :cup_with_straw::unamused:


I sort of shy away from “giving things up” for Lent. I think maybe we ought to do more, like more prayer or more other good and kind things.


I gave up listening to music on the radio a few years ago and started only listening to catholic stations or talk radio. Can’t stand modern music now because I disect the lyrics. I didn’t intend to give it up permanently but it stuck on its own.


Cold showers


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