Have you ever asked God

God WHY are you using me?





I never ask why, as that is my purpose. If I believe that I am made in His image and likeness and that I am supposed to be giving Him glory in all that I do, WHY seems to be irrelevant.

Now, I often ask what He wantS me to DO- more of, better, differently.
And then I have to listen to where He is leading me.

I agree; I’ve never asked nor wondered actually. I do wonder though, and ask, what God wants me to do and where he is steering me to.

Also tend to agree. I have asked the later two often. WRT the first 3, I have asked the first (differently) in conjunction with a birth defect He challenged me with.


I do ask Why?
The answer keeps coming back to Aquinas’ explanation of God’s manifestation of Gratuitous Grace through the members of his Son, so that there is sensible (material) manifestation of his Son in the world, which can be desirable to the unconverted will of men (prior to having the Holy Spirit). It gives something for the non-converted to desire and choose that is not above them, such that when they choose the manifestation of Jesus in his Church, and are baptized, they will then receive the fullness of Sanctifying Grace.

Why? we are the material Jesus (the Church is, and we are members) to appear full of Grace and Truth in the eyes of all people, so they have him to come to and be baptized and taught. People want to be with Jesus by seeing us, our lives, our love. Then when we grant them participation in baptism (or they are granted absolution and re-admitted to participation in Confession) they join in the work of the People, and may also ask “Why?”.

Thank you!

You are most welcome!
Looks like Florida is getting a bit of rain today - stay dry (unless it is a pleasant warm rain).

Can I ask, what is the point of this thread?

You asked a question, got 3 answers that all said no and one that agreed with you. You thanked that poster and said nothing about the other answers. Why?

It only rained when I was inside:D



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