Have you ever attended a Magnificat Breakfast?

I’m going to one this Saturday (the 14th) and I’m excited…It’s from 9-12, and it’s a breakfast for Catholic women to grow closer to the Holy Spirit. (apparently, it’s put on by a charismatic group) I’m not familiar with charismatics–can anyone fill me in on what they are all about? Also…I didn’t realize there were different ‘sects’ of Cathlicism…or should I not look at charismatic as a sect, per se?

growing closer to the Holy Spirit is a perfectly legitimate and worthy goal for all CAtholics, and may by promoted by a variety of spiritualities, including, for instance, Confirmation preparation classes. These programs are not all necessarily charistmatic in nature, if by that you mean promoted by members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, an approved, orthodox Catholic spiritual movement within the Catholic Church. different spiritualities do not imply different “sects” within the Church.

there is Benedictine spirituality, based on the monastic rule, liturgy of the hours and lectio divina.
there is Franciscan spirituality, Jesuit Spirituality, Carmelite spirituality, Cursillo, ACTS, renewal and evangelization movements of all kinds, and dozens more. They are not “sects” they are either religious orders (for ordained or consecrated persons and their secular associates) or lay institutes such as Focolare or the Neocatechumenal way, or prelatures such as Opus Dei. They are all Catholic, and not sectarian.

Just because one of these might not be attractive or congenial to me does not make it a sect.

Let me know how it goes, Whatevergirl. Our parish is having one in a couple of weeks. It sounds really nice.

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