Have you ever been directed by the holy spirit to. take a particular job. or?

Have you ever been directed by the holy spirit to take a particular job or ??
Live in a particular place.?
Go to a particular church?

And you were hearing Right!!

Or you heard Wrong!???

My current job. I applied, got interviewed, and hired the same day. I am a Para Educator. This job has brought me joy and made me discover gifts I did not know I had. It is far from easy, but it is a blessing. This truly came from God.

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OH my goodness. I have the exact same experience. I was a Para Educator for 27 plus years. I applied, was interviewed and hired the SAME day just as you were.

“This job has brought me joy and made me discover gifts I did not know I had. It is far from easy, but it is a blessing. This truly came from God.”

I could say the VERY exact same thing. WOW!


Oh my goodness indeed! 27 years! That is amazing! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Wanted to make 30 but I had to retire early cause it was just causing me too much physical pain. I worked in severe profound Special Ed. and it wrecked havoc on my body.

Like you said far from easy but those kids taught me more than I cold ever teach them.

God Bless you for those 27 years of loving service. Because that is indeed what it is. It can wreck havoc on your body, absolutely.
Yes, they teach me about enjoying the little things, and there are no strangers. Lol!

When my spouse was in the final phase of Pancreatic cancer, I got notification that the company I was working for was closing down the western operation. I did not pass that on. A few weeks later, spouse passed. I was left with a special needs son, and suprise, I was one of 2 people kept on working out of the house for that company. That continued for a couple years, then that ended, with a now 17 year old special needs son. Interestingly, in hindsight, son needed full time attention at that point, and having a job would not have allowed it.

Fast forward a couple more years. Son could now interact well enough and was accepted at LMU. Two days later, I got a call from this interesting company, a friend of a friend ( the other one kept on for a while mentioned above) had recommended me to.

I have been there for 12 years now. Best job I ever had. My son is now also working there.

Holy Spirit at work? YES!

Was it hard? Yes. Did I question why no job for a couple years? Yes. Did I give up on the Lord? No, but there were a lot of “why me, Lord?” moments.

Long answer to the question, but Yes, I have definitely been directed to a job by the Spirit.

Thank you, God.


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Wow thanks for taking time to share.

Thank you for the question. :slight_smile:

LOVE hearing this. God is so great!

Thanks. At the time it is happening, you don’t know the outcome. All you know is what is present now, and what has happened.

It has taught me to trust God even more.

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Yes you are right! 1 time I was sent to Portland Oregon. And a job at Walmart was offered to me. And the holy spirit said "if I take that job it will interfear with what he wanted me to do.
So I turned the job down. And worked at a christian radio station

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I don’t know if I’ve ever felt particularly directed to take a job, but I ended up at a job in a way that was very clearly organized by God (there were other stand-by candidates, yet I was hired ahead of them). And it was that job that set me on the career course I’m now on.

John Paul Jackson has an interesting testimony. On entering into ministry.

As His ministry is hearing from God and understanding dreams and visions

I applied for a job I was only partly qualified for. The two interviews were amazing! It was like chatting with old friends. The job involved a large raise at a time when I desperately needed the additional income.

Shortly starting the new job I became sick with a strange virus, missed three weeks of work and developed a chronic disease. My supervisor was so understanding.

A year later I began caring for my elderly mother and ended up missing five weeks of work in a row. Again, boss was understanding.

The following year my boss retired and my job was eliminated but I was given another job in the organization.

It was all from God.

Wow you really were blessed and prosperous and cared for. And loved

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