Have you ever been healed as a result of prayer?

Have you ever been healed
as a result of prayer??

What has prayer healed you of?

Yes. DEspair of my first husband’s suicide.


Pornography, lust, anger, unbelief, the list is endless.

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My desire to commit certain sins has greatly diminished. I credit prayer, Mass, Adoration and frequent confession.

I am praying now to be healed of persistent anxiety and fear and inability to do certain tasks.

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Yes, of course. Many times, diverse issues. Healing grace from prayers helps both physically and spiritually.

Son of “cancer” twice.

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Yes. I had been grieving the sudden death of a friend and after I would panic if I called my mom, my friends and they didn’t answer or call me back within a certain period of time; I would call repeatedly until they answered. This was before caller ID was common but the number of times I would call was excessive and would have looked crazy.

A friend went on a retreat and I had opened up to her about some of what was going on. I had no idea how oppressive my grief had become until it was gone. I could feel that it was gone. It took me a few days to realize what had changed (and why) but I no longer felt that panic and while my sadness was still there it didn’t color everything I experienced.

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Yes, I do when I try to exhibit total faith. Miracles happen.

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Yes, both physical and emotional healing. God’s mercy is boundless.

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