Have you ever been led on?

Have you ever been led on either by a guy or a woman? If so, how did you accept it and move on? If you ended up going too far, how did you move on from that?

Simply learn from your mistake, don’t be naive next time, and find somebody else who is honest.

As for “how did you accept it”, these things seem huge when you’re young. But as you get older and deal with more life stuff, more people and have more serious relationships, such a relationship will fade away to the point where you barely even remember it.

I note that you’ve posted about five topics on relationships. Maybe consider whether you’re spending too much time and energy on relationships at this point in your life, whether thinking about them or being involved in them, and whether you could better use some of that time and energy doing something else - developing a hobby, school or career work, prayer, anything other than sitting around thinking about relationships.


We’re all being led on every minute of the day. (The devil)
You accept that, put on the cross, confess, learn and move on.

Thankfully no I haven’t. But I can imagine that does skew a person’s view of the opposite gender and does affect them deeply for life especially if things lasted for a while. Hopefully the one who was “led on” realizes it’s better to have loved and lost then to have lived with that person for the rest of their lives.

Looking back, no. What I was doing was choosing not to see big honking, flashing, red danger warning lights.

@TheLittleLady What were these warning signs if I might ask

This was in the dark ages, when we used real phones :slight_smile: If I was the one always calling the guy (texting would be the modern equivalent), that means he is not really into me.

If I am making excuses for his behavior, if I am afraid of making him angry, that is a red flag. If he threatens to withhold affection as a “punishment”, that is a warning.

If my friends are saying “this is not a good situation”, if my family is not comfortable with him, it is a warning.


Also if guy is pushing you for sex and you don’t really want to do that. A lot of them will leave after they get what they want, or they’ll leave and say it’s because you didn’t give them what they wanted.

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First, Haha yes.
Second, lots of tears over a pint of Haagen Daas. Then somebody better wound up coming along.
Third, no.

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