Have you ever canceled plans on family coming at the last minute?


*I’m feeling a little guilty today. I invited one of my dh’s brothers and his wife to spend the day with us tomorrow, the only problem is, my dh couldn’t get tomorrow off–very busy right now at Disney’s reservation hub. So, I just called my SIL and asked her, could we reschedule? I kind of knew my dh couldn’t switch the day, and we were still going to go ahead and plan to get together without him, but my dh seemed like he wanted to reschedule so we all could get together later in the month. (notice who has to make this call? Me! :p) So…I just called, and my SIL didn’t seem angry, but seemed…I dunno…a little disappointed. But, they live roughly a 4 hour round trip away from us, and they didn’t plan on spending the night, so to try to get together again soon with my dh, would be harder on them.

I just feel bad. I should have planned this better…I shouldn’t plan things without DH with his own family! My dh wasn’t mad, he just said…‘why is my family coming over, and I won’t be here?’ lol

Have you ever canceled plans like this, did you feel bad about it? Maybe I need some comforting words right now. :o*


You were definitely right to reschedule…I would not want to go to my brother’s house and him not be there…my brother lives 2-3 hours away…maybe she was disappointed but i’m sure she understands…


Ok, I’m a little relieved…thank you. Believe it or not, we have done these get togethers in the past without dh, but it’s been a while, and I think dh feels like I’m not checking with him when I make these plans. Not that he gets angry over it, but just seems confused that I make plans when I know he’s working. Problem is, his days off fall on days when everyone has to work, so it can be hard for everyone’s schedules to sync! I just hope they are not mad at me. :frowning:


I know how he feels…I have missed many a family party b/c I work when everyone else is off too…getting the family together takes planning way in advance if I want to be there…


With the way this economy is going…families have to adjust all the time to work schedules. In the old days we worked so that we would have time to spend with our families…and unfortunately nowadays…there are no schedules, we have to work around our work schedules. And it all falls on the families. Sometimes to their detriment. As long as you have a good relationship with your extended family, you should have no problem. But always be truthful…that’s the most important thing.

And when are you together, make every moment count!


Yes, ok…this helps me to see dh’s point too. He feels bad that his schedule is so erratic at times…but, what can he do, you know? I think we are going to plan for something at the end of the month, and see if dh can change his day off. I just heard my SIL’s tone at the end of the phone call, like she was rushing to get off the line with me, and we are quite close…she is like a mom to me. This is my dh’s eldest brothers, and his wife…they are like parents to me, truly. Ugh, why did I plan this?? :banghead:


*Oh, thank you stbruno. I agree. I have a very ‘normal’ schedule…weekends off…with Disney, it’s hit or miss when you can take a day…if it’s high busy season. My dh knew though I had planned this for a few weeks now, but as we had coffee together this morning, he was like…Úh, why are they coming again when I’m not here to visit with them?’’ Like he said it and laughed. I said, I thought you didn’t care. haha He said, I don’t care but if I am able to swing a day off that works soon, then they aren’t going to want to get in their car again and travel back out here. We could go there, but as time allows, it is always better to stay the night, and that’s just not in the cards with dh’s schedule lately. Maybe we should become hermits:), I told him…and then it won’t matter. *


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