Have you ever CLASHED with someone?:(


If you have then you’ll know how unpleasant it is! I am coming here for advice from people who have experience, because this is just embarrasing and stupid and there’s nothing I can do about it. >:(

Ok so I’ve known this girl since we were kids. I forgot her for a long time. But now she has a baby daughter with my name…well no my nickname. And she doesn’t really care that she took my name…now I know it’s none of my business, and I should be nice to her and supportive about the baby…yes I should be mature enough not to care-AND to be nice to her, but I haven’t been at all. In retrospect I have been absolutely horrible. At this point in time I know I should just forget her, but I can’t forget her. I still think about her all the time. Now this is ridiculous because any attempt to befriend her could result only in my deep embarrassment and loss of dignity. So it’s a problem, how to forget her…And even though I know how futile it is, I still wish I could solve the mystery of just why I can’t get on with her. But I’m not mature enough to understand it yet…maybe someday.There’s something about this person that I just can’t get on with her. And she can’t stand me either!And it hurts that she took my name because I know she is a good mother and she doesn’t love me like her baby! Even though I should forget her, I wish that she did. ANNOYING.

Well that’s my story. Share your own stories and advice…it has to be the most annoying thing in the world-when you know that both of you are very beautiful souls, but for some reason you just CAN ***NOT ***get on together. :mad:


I am sorry I don’t understand the issue with your friend, I would have thought it was an honor to have a friend name a baby after you. If it was unclear to me after your explanation, perhaps your friend also has no idea how or why she has offended you. In that case, being angry with her will certainly do you no good, nor will it aid in any way in mending your friendship. Where there is not free and open communication there can be no genuing friendship, so if you are asking for suggestions, rather than just venting, mine would be working on the friendship. Good friends are hard to find.


Most people are HONORED if someone names their baby with the same name as they have!

She must like you, because otherwise she would not have named her baby with “your” nickname.

When I was pregnant and we were going through name books and trying to find names for our babies, there were several names my husband really liked, but I had a bad association with because of my past experiences and vice versa. A girl’s name I liked happened to be the same name as one of DH’s old girlfriends, so he was against that name. Some boys’ name my DH liked were the same names as some “less than nice” kids from my hometown, so I was against those names, etc.


If you forgot her for a long time, who’s to say she didn’t forget you, too? Maybe the name she gave your baby has nothing to do with you whatsoever…Maybe she just liked the name, regardless of the fact that she once knew someone by that name. In any case, you can’t change it, so let it go.


Why on earth are you mad about a name?

The kind thing to do is to apologize to this person and to show her the love of Jesus.


Do you no longer have your name?


That is really funny!

I can see it now…the OP calls to make a dinner reservation and the host asks for her name. “Ah, I don’t have a name. Somebody else used it for their baby, so I no longer own it. I am nameless.”



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