Have you ever eaten this?


Strangest Food in Wangfujing

Dare you eat it?


I don’t think I would eat it unless it was cooked all the way. Imagine getting some nasty parasite from it.

Now the bigger question is…were you really gonna buy that print for $70?:rolleyes:


I dare NOT!


I’m not sure what it is, but it looks like scorpion on a stick. While I’ve never seen scorpions on a stick before, I have seen various kinds of insects deep fried on a stick at street stalls in Bangkok. I was never tempted to eat them, but the folks who were eating them seemed to enjoy them.


I heard it tastes like french fries Probably because of all the oil after it’s fried.


I do eat raw fish… so I guess I could eat cooked insects.


Not like that, but I probably have. In learning to “live off the land” in the service we ate bugs

Things like that really give you a good appreciation for home cooked meals.


I have no idea why they eat that…


No way!

But if anyone else is interested, we have TONS of the little buggers (scorpions) in our little corner of America. I’d be willing to ship them to you for FREE. :wink:


:eek: Yuck!


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