Have you ever encountered difficulty having your infant or young child receive Holy Communion in a Latin Rite parish?


Have you ever encountered difficulty having your infant or young child receive Holy Communion in a Latin Rite parish?


I don’t know about other parishes but it is not a problem in my parish because our priest is very knowledgeable about the Eastern Catholic Churches by the way I think this is a great question


It doesn’t really come up all that often, but when it does it has never been a problem. We occasionally attend daily Mass at a nearby parish, but it is often my own pastor who says the Mass. On other occasions, we have approached the priest well ahead of time to let him know the situation. Five different priests have given my young children Communion. One of them had to check first in order to make sure it was okay, but came back within five minutes to let us know that it was fine. On other occasions, when we haven’t had a chance to talk to the priest, we just tell our children that they can’t receive that day. The Communion line isn’t the time to explain to someone why your 2-year-old is approaching to receive.


No problems whatsoever.


No problems with our priest giving communion, some significant problems with parishioners reactions. Some noticeable anger and outrage when Eastern Catholics kids have received and that had to be addressed via remarks by the parish priest later on. Some of the older Irish who still live here (there was once a significant Irish population in this area but it is fading) and the African families would no longer attend this parish and one African lady outright told the priest he was engaged in ‘Devilish business’ and that she did not want her children near such wickedness. He tried in vain to explain why these children are allowed to receive but sadly a small percentage of people just would not listen to him, my father regards the fact infants can receive as something that Eastern Catholics are being allowed till ‘they are learned up to be proper Catholics’. I’ve dropped the subject with him over time as it produces too many arguments.


Even though I basically believe the two-lung ecclesiology, this has been enough to keep me away from the RC.


Somewhat on topic, this “travel guide” is a good little pdf pamphlet St Sophia UGCC made a few years back “Eastern Catholics Communing in a Roman Mass” is a good resource


This is what I observed; There was a child that the deacon gave communion to and she took a bite out of it like it was a cookie.


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