Have you ever experienced anything " supernatural ?"

anything that affected your faith?

I’ve never experienced anything supernatural, although I do believe God has worked miracles in my life – but in completely ordinary ways.

Yes I have, more than once, one particular time being quite extra-ordinary, but why should you believe me. :slight_smile:
Certainly I could PM, but wouldn’t you just doubt my veracity/balance/sanity/reliability…

It’s the same with me. :slight_smile:
God works wonders in my life every day, but I only really recognised and started appreciating that recently.

Oh, sis, I have had some occurrences, too. But, a doubter might not believe it. OP is looking more for proof, I think. However, proof is opposed to faith and hope.

Nothing I can prove objectively, but I have had a few mystical experiences. They proved to me that Catholic saints have genuine miracles.

I sure believe that you have, and yes, he does want proof. So would I in his circumstances. I’m in a position not just to have faith but to know God exists, but how to convey that to others? I’ve tried that in PMs to those struggling with faith before, wishing to help, but having what I shared rejected. Happy to share if it were helpful, but I guess one would have to know us, and be in the same room with us to assess the probable reality of what we share. Or they’d have to be like you Jim who would accept because of honest mutual regard and respect. We shall meet in heaven as old friends, you and me…but it does trouble me that itullian is suffering. We must pray

I’m interested–my faith has been faltering but growing in the past few months. :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me your experiences when you find the time.

To attempt to explain the supernatural to someone who abides in the natural will remain incomprehensible to them, and possibly lead them to suspect the level of my sanity. OK, they will be in some pretty good company there, but still, you know what I mean.

Yes, prayers are most certainly warranted.

I was going to suggest that the OP spend time before our Lord at adoration, begging our Lord to reveal that He exists. With patience, no one has ever been disappointed.

I don’t know if this is what you are seeking but here is my experience. I was driving to work in Los Angeles on a particularly ugly smogy day. I was so depressed. I prayed a simple prayer. “Oh dear God just be. I don’t care about anything more than that. JUST BE.”

There was such wonderful peace, even joy, that came over me. Remnants of that peace has never left me. It was many years after that I found the Catholic Church but that prayer was the beginning of my journey toward faith.

I’ve had so many narrow escapes from death in my life I’m convinced there is no natural explanation. There comes a stage at which coincidences are an inadequate explanation.

I had what you guys call an intellectual vision, meaning it was more emotion than visual, which lasted months. Not really possible to describe, a serenity which taught me a lot.

I’ve since learned than quite a few people have a similar experience, it doesn’t matter what their religion is or even if they are atheist, and they will probably interpret it according to their beliefs. Praying for such an experience doesn’t help, it seems to fall on people unannounced.

Perhaps it was supernatural, although I think maybe it was a loose connection in my brain or something :D, but either way it was God.

PM to me please…


Me too please!

I consider myself to have had a few. Definitely 2 at least :thumbsup:

I’ve had extrordinary close calls, but nothing supernatural. I have seen a UFO, not up close, but clear enough to know it was not of this place or time. It could have been extra terrestrial or maybe from the future. No current day earth technology could have done such a thing (this was 20 years ago, and even todays technology can’t do that).

I haven’t had any supernatural experiences but some of my close friends have.

Trishie please PM me also.

My deepest sympathies. I cannot imagine the horror of losing one’s free will (which is the inevitable outcome of knowing that God exists). Being a robot must be terrible.

I do wish to thank you for not sharing your evidence. Imagine being responsible for destroying the free will of the entire world.

You know, I don’t know if I’m just not like others, but when I read about other people’s mystical experiences I feel hopeful and joyful for those people. I take their experience to heart and make it my own in a way, as if it happened to me in an indirect way. I suppose it’s like being in communion in a sense, and though I don’t think of it as proof proper, it does validate my already loving relationship with God.

I suppose it just says to me, yes God does love us and give us personal attention, even if it didn’t happen to me directly, it helped someone else and therefore I thank Him in His mercy for that blessing for the person.

So yes… I love to hear about the ways God has touched people’s lives, supernaturally/mystically or in normal ways (until we really think about it later on and realize it wasn’t as normal as we though LOL)

For me, God has blessed me with some mystical experiences. As a teen I had doubts about the real Presence in the Eucharist… He set me straight on that one and sent the Holy Spirit to give me an experience.

He helped me from one day to the next with mental anxiety that had lasted months concerning eternal life and doubt about Him after I had a breakdown in my room and pleaded with Him for help.

He’s also allowed an evil entity to visit me which helped me turn my life around… this is also about the same time as the mental anxiety problem, so these two events are connected together.

He once spoke to me directly ( a male voice within me yet outside of me at the same time) and gave me guidance and reassurance after confession during Mass one day, telling me not to worry about things of this world… it’s all in His hands and just to worry about my faith life. (Does this sound like what Jesus told Martha or what? LOL) Let me say that this was only in the beginning of my faith journey and didn’t yet know Holy Scriptures well… it was only a few years later that I heard this scripture and made the connection!

There are many other very seemingly ordinary ways that He touched my life and personally took care of me. Through novenas and through prayers. The latest being just this week. We are self employed and discovered that the accountant we’ve had for 5 years has not remitted many of our government papers. We found out in December that we owe the government about 50,000 in taxes, interest and penalties. No way do we have the money to pay this off in one fell swoop like the government official wants. Through prayer for some help and relief, and admitting to God that it’s just as much our fault for not following our finances properly, the final bill went down to 40,000. This is still too much for us to be able to pay all at once. My husband managed to pay 10,000 bringing the bill down to 30,000. The threat to our business and house was still very real… it looked like bankruptcy might be our only choice, even for that small amount. The government worker was relentless and threatening.

A couple of weeks ago I consecrated myself to The Sacred Heart and prayed the Novena for the intention of a good outcome on all sides. That we be able to pay for our mistake in a timely matter. Well this week my husband phoned me from work (he’s a building contractor) and one of his regular builders (he builds for several companies on a regular basis) offered to lend us the money. Listen to this… 30,000 INTEREST FREE, and with 18 months to pay it off. Does this sound like something a smallish company would do for one of their hired contractors? If this isn’t God’s personal help then I don’t know what is!

Glory be to God! I thank Him each day for His love and for the love He brings to others (which is why I love to hear about these things!)

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