Have you ever felt this or done it


I received a phonecall from my VD. I was caught off guard sort of. I have a house and a mortgage. I am upside down as a lot of folks are. I have old debt that was charged off and told him all this on our first meeting. I would have liked to not mention it as it may bite me where the sun don't shine. BUT If I omitted it than I would be lying. But now it came up again. Got nervous and got chatty. which I can do sometimes. He told me that I have to get rid of the house as I won't make nay money in seminary. He said he will wait till December to give me more time to rid myself of the house. He told me that in that meeting I told him I want to keep my house (which I do) and that I won't get rid of it. I told no My parents will take over th payments and he said that i need to have a letter notorized stating that. After all that mess he told me that they have 95% of the funds for me to go to the 2 year pre theology. My question basically is, have any of you get nervous and got chatty or said something stupid or what have you? and if you have one conversation with your VD that seemed kinda not so good,, will that be a deal breaker? I didn't say anything real dumb or anything just was nervous and chatty. Do VDs understand that? I feel they seem to want me bad enough to get 95% of the funds as this diocese don't pay for pre theology. I hope I didn't fry my chances or ruin it. anyone have this worry?


Anyone have any advice?? input???


I know that if I was in that situation I would’ve probably been really nervous as well. I can say a lot of things that would make a conversation awkward/uncomfortable. Don’t worry about it. I doubt that one incident like this with your vocations director didn’t blow all your chances away. People make mistakes.


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