Have you ever felt you need to take the hint

…and go to adoration? My work outlook keeps reminding me to go to Adoration today. The interesting part, I can’t find a Eucharistic Adoration Appt on my calandar anywhere :eek:

Now to be fair, I actually did create a propetual apponitment in my calandar, I don’t know that I remember ever deleting it. But I do find it curious that even though I tell it to snooze it just keeps coming back. More over I seirously can’t find that appointment! It’s so weird!

Why do we quit taking the hint…when it makes such a tremendous difference in our life to spend that time with our Lord?


Hey, I’m not one to argue with God =)

Honestly I’ve been trying to go on the weekends as well, but I fail and let the world take over. It’s the first friday of the month, I will adore my Lord.

Funny you bring this up! I’m attending my first TLM in over 50 years this Sunday and am concerned about whether I can kneel at the altar rail for communion due to a disability. Wouldn’t you know something directed me to the church calendar where I discovered the First Friday Exposition and Adoration is today. I can go to adoration and test my ability at the altar rail while I’m there which should ease my angst over Sunday.

Certainly the Church will accomodate if you have a disability, even in TLM. Funny you should mention going to your first TLM in 50 years… I went to my first ever last Sunday =)

Turns out the disability is not a problem, the altar rail provides plenty of support for kneeling and rising.

I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to read this, the Lord is good indeed!

Just got back from adoration, though I scarcely had 15 minutes of time… My own fault with badly managed time, I didn’t get the notification until it was far too late to organize and be ready =(

My prayer group has saturday’s @2 in the perpetual adoration chapel. I’ll try and make it then too. At least I got to be in the presense of my Lord at all today.

i finally stopped making excuses. Lord, you win! :slight_smile:

Several times I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to go to Adoration, and when I got there, found that an adorer has gotten sick, or received a call that they MUST leave due to an emergency, etc. and they were in a quandry wondering what to do. They didn’t want to leave the Lord alone, but there was no one signed up to take their place.

And then I walk in, and dilemma is solved.

So I always try to listen to the Holy Spirit!

My suggestion if you are busy is to try to do a short visit. Even a few minutes of time spent with the Lord is precious. He is so good!

Good for you going to Adoration!

My time in the chapel helps recharge me with Jesus for the week ahead.

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