Have you ever gone on a mission trip, short or long term?


It would seem that the best kind of mission work is when what you are doing may truly being fulfilling a need that may otherwise not get done at all.

Americans have a surplus of wealth and could share it with hose who have not. This surplus of wealth is far more than just monetary.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Surely there must be at least one more person on CAF who is willing to share a bit of their story that has worked as a volunteer, whether it has been in his own country or abroad. :slight_smile:


I sponsor a little girl in Uganda, so she can go to school


That is awesome. :slight_smile:

Definitely making a difference in her life!!

Average household monthly income in Uganda is $133.00 at quick glance or about $1,600 annually.) As far as buying power goes, not sure.


Sometimes there are no professional available.
I was the only Westen volunteer at the time and if the nuns hadn’t been taking care of the 250 men,the 150 women ,orphans and AIDS victims hundreds would have died.I was able to bring medication from Ireland and England that was sorely needed.

It changed my life forever and I was able to go home and give first hand accounts that brought it all home for family and friends and that in turn helped them to give.


Fair enough. The cases I’m familiar with tended to involve construction-type work that likely could have been done by experienced locals.


Sometimes in a third world country there is also the temptation for locals to pilfer materials,medication and sell it on .


I have thought that a good way to help the poor in another country would be to have a sister parish (so the wealthy parish could help the poor one). Does anyone know of such a program?


Years ago, a parish I attended had a sister parish in Guatemala. There’s no one central “program,” but it can never hurt to broach the idea with your priest and parish council. If you have a foreign priest, (e.g. African, Asian, Latin American), it may be an option to set up something with a parish in his home country.


We have a priest from Nigeria. He is a seminary professor on leave. There are a few collections to help out his seminary! :smiley:


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