Have you ever gone to a non Catholic church service?

Have you ever gone to a non Catholic church service?

Weddings and funerals. All of them leave me feeling somewhat empty.


Every fortnight. I work in a Lutheran organisation and we are required to go to services. The Lutheran church in my country is very different to that of the US. Probably more like Anglican in terms of culture.

It is lovely and not that different from a NO mass in many ways. I still feel I can take away a message and feel spiritual uplifted to be surrounded by believing colleagues.


As @po18guy, weddings and funerals. I have also gone to services (Pentecostal) with my mother-in-law at times when visiting and she wanted to go. Don’t expect much and it is less than fulfilling.

Plenty since I was Protestant for 13 years.

Anglican, Lutheran and non-denom.

Liked the Anglican Church the best of the 3.


I was raised Protestant and spent 27 years going to Protestant services in a handful of denominations. I still attend services on special occasions at my parent’s Nazarene church and I’ve also gone a couple times to an Anglo-Catholic parish with a few friends.

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on a few occasions, yes

Yep one of the biggest mistakes of my life

Yes when I was still a Methodist. Since becoming Catholic I went to two funerals at the Methodist Church - my mother’s and my sister’s.

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Same here with the weddings and funerals. Attended a friend’s baptism in a local nondenominational mega church. The entrances to the sanctuary (?) reminded me of going to a hockey game. I can say that the pastor giving the sermon touched on some good points that didn’t contradict Catholic doctrine, but I can second the empty feeling. The musicians were very skilled but rock bands do nothing for me. What shocked me is they didn’t even pray as a congregation save for 30 seconds after the sermon.

Yup. Been to Methodist, Mormon and Baptist ones. The Baptists have some great music, that’s for sure. Old school classic gospel.

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I have been to my sister’s church a handful of times, usually for the “dedication” of one of my nieces or nephews. I always leave with a huge headache because they play their music Way Too Loud. I’ve been front row at rock concerts and not had that level of hearing discomfort.

Since I was raised in a denomination that is part of the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, and briefly investigated the Episcopal church while in college, that would be a definite yes. In fact, the first time I was ever inside a Catholic church was for a Christmas Midnight Mass with my wife (before we were married) in 2017. And incidentally, that was the first time I was inside a church of any kind during a service, other than for weddings or funerals, for at least 30 years.

Baptist, Brethren, Lutheran, Pentecostal, United Pentecostal, Christian and Missionary Allliance, Wesleyan, Seventh Day Baptist, Apostolic, Methodist, United (Canada), Reformed … that I can remember :wink:

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I grew up going to them. The best one fails, by far, to reach the level of reverence of The Holy Mass. At best a non liturgical protestant Sunday service might be like a great Bible study but at worst be like a horrible rock concert.


Growing up with the minister’s son I went to his church services as his guest.

And I’ve been to a few funerals for relatives where the relative wasn’t Catholic.

But I’ve only gone to these services as a guest or as a courtesy to others, not looking for a new church home.

I’m very sorry for your loses, thistle.

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Every week :slightly_smiling_face:


Wedding and funeral.

Why do you ask?

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