Have you ever gotten back with an ex?

Have you ever gotten back with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend? If so, how did it turn out? Thank you.

Nope. I don’t believe it is possible. And I’m talking about after a bitter breakup and then you really lose contact for a while. I had a girlfriend where we’d break up from a petty quarrel and get back together soon after. It was more of an emotional knee-jerk breakup than an actual one we intended. When we broke up “for good”, it was for good. I did try to get us back together and it failed. And in another instance with someone else, I did try to get back together after a year apart, again failed.

Yes, I’ve done this twice, including being twice engaged to the same person. Ultimately neither relationship worked out.

No way! Until another poster has proven me wrong, an ex is usually an ex for a reason.

I rarely cross paths with any of them. But when I do, I keep it civil (“Hello, how are you, hope you’re well,”) and move on.

It has been said that remarriage to the same person is the triumph of hope over experience. I suppose that applies to fiance(e)s as well.

Not me personally, but my best friend got back together with her ex after about a year apart. They’re still together now, five years later.

So I fully believe it is possible, but there needs to be a certain level of maturity on behalf of all parties involved, and some people just don’t have that.

When I first saw the title, I thought it was: “Have you ever gotten back with an Ax?”

I was going to say:“Don’t do it!”

I believe in vengeance.
That said, if one of my 9 ex-girlfriends want a go at it, then my vengeance would be poured unto them.

I’ve only been in two serious relationships in my life.

The first one did not work out and we ended the relationship and also decided we didn’t want to be friends either, we parted ways and I haven’t had contact with him since. That was 7 years ago.

The second serious relationship is my husband.

In my experience, based on many friends of mine, trying to get back together with an ex rarely, if ever, works out. It’s not a marriage and there is generally a reason the two of you broke up in the first place. It’s usually wise to honor that decision and move on.

My only exception to that rule would be a mutual decision to break up due to circumstances that don’t relate to the relationship itself. Things like concentrating on school, family obligations that need to be attended to, travel. If all of these circumstances are met and resolved and you wind up in the same circles…there wouldn’t be a reason not to continue the relationship.
A girlfriend of mine ended a relationship due to the fact that her boyfriend was being deployed to Iraq. It was a brand new relationship and he didn’t want to tie her down with him leaving for a year.
She went out on dates with other guys but also kept in contact with him and wrote letters and talked on the phone when she could. They got back together when he came back but the relationship did not work out anyway.

If there are problems with the relationship itself and either of you can’t see yourself married to the other…then it would be wise to end the relationship and not continue it further.

Yup, I am married to my ex-boyfriend. In fact, I broke up with him twice. We kept trying the whole “let’s just be friends” thing, but it kept getting romantic over and over. I think it did help, though, that our relationship, as well as my other dating relationships, were always rather chaste. So breaking up and getting back together didn’t hold the sting it would if a physical relationship was involved, too.
We have now been married for 15years. Once we finally got serious about our relationship, engagement and elopement quickly followed! :smiley:

Yes, and we ended up married.

We were apart 2 or 3 years, and I was due to leave town the next week, when he literally ran into my best friend downtown where they both worked. He asked her about me, she gave him my number. He called, we went out for dinner, the spark was still there. It took more ups and downs and we shacked up for a while, but finally, we did get married and that was 23 years ago. I believe God put us back together for a reason.

My parents separated when I was twelve years old, married other people, (one marriage for each), got back together 7 years later (then in their late forties), married each other again, and been together for 30 years with MORE love and respect than they ever had before their separation.

They both found that the grass was not necessarily greener on the other side (both married dishonest, disrespectful and non-Christian people) which may well have played a part in the demise of their second marriages.

I guess that makes (3) marriages for each of them and Third time blessed and lucky!!

I recently parted paths with a young man I had been dating for an extended period of time. We are still friends and share the same friend group. Of course the end of our relationship was sad, but it was necessary. Will we ever begin dating again? I don’t know. But I would certainly never reject a future relationship with him simply because we dated prior - there are so many more factors to consider than that.

One thing him and I are both thankful for is that we kept our relationship extremely chaste. As another poster mentioned, it would have been much more difficult had we not. We are both able to live now with knowing that we respected each other fully during the extent of our relationship and that is very wonderful!

I have never gotten back with an ex.

I have two close friends who got back with and married their exes, though. So it’s possible, I’ll grant that it’s possible.

Yes. I was only in 2 serious relationships. The first one, I learned that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but when the distance was no longer there, we lacked substance. We realized we were different people and there was something better out there for both of us. We broke up briefly then got back together, came to the same realization I already mentioned and broke it off again for good. There were a lot of other specifics to that including that he was leading a double life, but I actually didn’t learn about that until after we broke it off. Since I was a little girl, I made a promise to God that I would save myself for marriage and I did, so that also helped me to see things more clearly.

Five years later, and more mature, I met someone very different. He immediately showed me what I had missed out on and how real men treat women. I never realized I could have it so good, and looking back, I may never have learned that if i had stayed with the first guy. In my second relationship, we both fell for each other hard and fast. We quickly took a break after a year to see if time away from one another would help us to see more clearly. It absolutely did! We both prayed very hard during this time. We talked 2 months after the break-up, only to realize our feelings for each other had never changed. We continued on between ups and downs and another year later, he asked me to marry him.

I give you this long history because I think in most relationships, especially if you’re younger, taking a short break from each other helps both of you to step away and pray and develop clarity.

Nope! Never ever.
I guess it just depends on how the relationship ended up and why.
But I just can’t.

I have, one was off and on for 17 years. It was more off than on. The last time we were getting pretty serious. He passed away in November '07.

Right now I’m praying to get back together with the last man I was seeing. We were together for almost seven months. The timing was horrible for us. He was the first man I dated after my divorce. I was the first woman he dated after the death of his wife. She had only been gone four months when we started seeing each other. He couldn’t handle a relationship yet so we parted. He was wonderful to me. I’d never been treated the way he treated me. We’ve been apart a year and half now. A couple of months ago and out of the blue, he asked the woman who introduced us how was doing and to tell me hello. Then I received a text on Christmas Day wishing me a Merry Christmas. Maybe the timing would be better this time around.

Yes. And I’ve been married to her for 24 years! :slight_smile:

Nope. Someone who had given me the LJBF (‘Let’s Just Be Friends’) a month before, yeah. And I might have done well if I’d listened to her. But never an ex… wait, oh well, in a way. But was a thoroughly sick situation, and it didn’t work out. Nope.

Generally, people break up for a reason. Sometimes, however, they do so for a stupid reason and sometimes the rift caused by it can still be bridged. Also, sometimes people change and just happen to become more compatible.

Here’s a follow-up question. If you do get back with an ex, does it automatically make the relationship serious?

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