Have you ever had a miracle happen to you/in your life?


I think one happened tonight, I’m at a loss for words. I had tears in my eyes. Here is what happened, and it might seem minor but it shocked me to the point of tears.

My dh bought me a set of rosary beads, that were made in Jerusalem, last year for Christmas. We moved (again) last summer and in transit, somehow, the beads broke…like a link between each olive pit (this is what the beads are made out of) broke apart, and so the beads no longer formed a ‘necklace.’ So I didn’t want to hurt my husband by telling him they broke, I am known for being careless with jewelry, etc…he wouldn’t have been angry, but never know. lol

So, I put them back in the box, placed them on the nightstand, and use them occasionally, out of fear of breaking them more…pulling on them more. (Possibly they broke because I yank on my beads when I pray the rosary sometimes, and maybe I made a link loose or something) Tonight, I took them out to pray the Rosary, and I was ready to ‘catch’ the broken area, so the beads wouldn’t fly everywhere…and to my surprise, the link was reattached!! The beads are as though nothing had happened…there is no break in the links…it appears as a ‘necklace’ again! I held it up…shaking it…and couldn’t believe my eyes!

I ran out of the bedroom, asking dh if he fixed them (having to tell them they were broken lol) He said, no I didn’t even know they were broken.:o

I know what I saw. These were broken…so, there is my miracle story. Do you view this as a miracle of sorts???


Yes, Jesus has given this miracle to others as well. He can do what we can’t - like fix the link between God and man.


Hi Eucharisted;

I agree. You know, I pulled out another pair of broken rosary beads, yes this is a pattern, lol…and just wanted to make sure I wasn’t mistaking this set for another one…and the other one I pulled out had an entire decade missing…:blush: I don’t know how that happened, honestly. That being said, I knew I wasn’t imagining things…it was the olive pit one that my dh gave to me that had just the one broken link…it’s just so amazing! I couldn’t believe it…I looked closely at every single link, and like I didn’t even see the bent link…These beads have a little glass attached with dirt from Jerusalem, it’s a really neat rosary. I can’t wait to tell my very devout MIL tomorrow!!:slight_smile:


i believe it and thanks for sharing that. my mother’s friend went to medjugorje and the silver links on her rosary turned gold halfway around.


Dear friend

Thank you. You jogged my memory of a nice thing that happened. When my brother Peter was coming into the church again 4 or 5 yrs ago I received and gave him a rosary blessed by PJP11 and I told him to really look after it because this pope is a saint . It broke one day and he left it out back. After a while he went to fix it and it was back together. The link was not perfect but I think an angel may have fixed it. It certainly blew him away. I think he’s forgotten some of these things now. I might write down all these sort of things and see if it helps him when he remembers. God bless:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


Oh wow, how amazing. God is truly awesome!:o


Oh my gosh, wow! I started to cry when I realized it was ‘back together.’ I know it was broken…and my dh didn’t fix it, I didn’t…a gremlin didn’t…lol I know this was God at work…It’s interesting timing, because one day, I was praying about the economy, thanking Him for His abundant blessings, etc…and I said, please help me not to worry, You are the Creator of the Universe, of me, of everything…nothing is impossible with You, so help me not to worry. That was my prayer.

So, in a way, it was like God was showing me an actual sign…through this. I have felt God’s still small voice talking to me …and have felt that He rearranges people and situations to best suit my family and me…which are miracles in and of themselves, also. But, this was so…different. It shocked me…in a good way. :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing!!!


Wow! Amazing “whatevergirl” :thumbsup:

I would have to answer “yes” to the question, too. I believe the fact that my mother is still alive… is miraculous.

In 2001… she took a fall down the stairs in our house. She hyper-extended her neck (next worst thing to breaking it, the ER doctor told us). After 3 spinal surgeries… 3 months in a “halo” and 3 months of her surgeon… telling us “I can’t guarantee she’ll survive”… through the grace and mercy of God… she DID survive.

8 years later, my sweet mother is still with me. And it is my great joy and privilege now… to be caring for her. :slight_smile: Thank You, Lord!

She will be 87 in May.


Dear friend
It’s a delight to see you so happy. I pray our Lord to give you much more joy too. You are on the right track with your child like faith in God. We all need that to be saved. I’m glad to see it in you. God bless you:)


Sorry to disappoint but it’s common knowledge this is no miracle. It’s simply the surface colour rubbing off over time to reveal a different colour below. Like I say - I’m sorry if I disappoint anyone. Miracles happen all the time though. God bless;)


wow, that is amazing…

I may have experienced something like this before… I say May because i wasn’t sure if the thing (can’t even remember what it was) was messed up in the 1st place… (long story… i just have this vague memory)…

anyway… one miracle in my life may not seem like a miracle to others but it is to me:

***I found Jesus!!! ***

Weird thing was: No one told me where to look…:frowning: but i figured it out: He was/is in the Catholic Church… 24/7… waiting for me… waiting for everyone…

Jesus being tangibly present with us (St. Mt 28:20) in this sinful, horrible world, a world that murdered Him… a world that, for the most part hates Him still… and

the fact that He loves us that much… forgives us that much…

is the greatest miracle of all…


i guess i didn’t explain the visual very well.

while there could be a scientific explanation for it, i really doubt it.

i just asked my mother about it again. the rosary links were clearly ALL silver and this was a rosary she has had since her childhood. the day she went to visit the site at medjugorje she placed the rosary (that still had silver links) in her pocket. when she arrived at the site she took it out to pray and that was when she noticed that some of the links turned gold. my mother actually saw the rosary. it didn’t look like the color was fading off each link. she said to imagine the links starting at the beginning and going almost all the way around the entire rosary being spray painted gold, but the last part was not finished and the beads were left untouched. she said the links looked exactly like gold and not like some plating wore off.

to be honest, the way it was described, the cynic in me first thought that maybe someone broke into her hotel and changed it to keep the tourism dollar coming in. the look was just too dramatic.

but now i am sure that theory is quite improbable. if the rosary is our weapon against satan, why wouldn’t the good Lord send an angel to spruce it up for us? no, i disagree, a sign to strengthen our faith is far more likely. :heaven:


Talking about rosary…My sister’s rosary glowed for few hours way after midnight even though there was no light in the house. It was really late after midnight, she had an urge in her heart that she either slept and rest well for herself or stayed up and prayed awhile for others. She decided to get up and prayed. It glowed after she prayed the Rosary for other people. It happened last week.


oh my gosh–wow! So glad she made it through, and you know something? I do consider that too, a miracle! My dh’s mom was hit by a car when he was in second grade, she was thrown (she was walking and hit by a drunk driver on the sidewalk) and she is still around to tell the story, she is 86! Broke almost all of her bones…and the true miracle of that story, is that she immediately forgave the driver. She was in a bodycast for a year, and tells me now, that looking back, she believes God wanted her to slow down, and the accident humbled her to ask others for help. (she didn’t like asking people to help her) It’s a beautiful story of faith, hope and miracles! God bless, and thank you so much for sharing.


: :eek: I’m speechless. That is amazing!


I read this earlier today, and I need to print this…it’s beautiful. I agree, the love that God has for me, a weak and stumbling sinner…is a miracle. His grace is a miracle. I marvel at the beauty of our Church…and your post just really lit me up, reading it today. Thank you!


Wow, your post really hit me too. Right before your post I was thinking about how Lord gives us a miracle everyday in Masses all over the world with the Eucharist. I mean it’s something that I know, but for some reason the way you wrote that really got to me.
I want to go visit our Lord now.
Thank you for that post.


My neighbour went to Medjugorje and on the plane, his rosary beads changed colour. I think it was the beads, but I’m not sure…I would like to ask him but he is with Jesus now in Heaven!


This was back before I was Catholic, when I was just your average Protestant heretic. :blush:

My second daughter was born two months prematurely. She was in the hospital, in the NICU, and she was doing well–but she did not respond properly to light. The oxygen from her incubator, coupled with her unfinished eye development had blinded her. (She was my second baby, and I knew what was going on.) I asked the NICU nurses, “Can she see?” And they admitted that she couldn’t. She had a major battery of tests coming up in two days, including eye tests, and I spent those two days in prayer. I called up everyone I knew and asked them to pray.

And when I came in to get her test results the nurses were overjoyed to see me. My daughter had gotten her sight back. She could see perfectly well. She is now eight years old, tall and strong for her age, perfectly healthy, and perfectly sighted.

That’s my miracle story! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


:amen: to the power of prayer…what a great story! God bless you…and your daughter sounds lovely.:o

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