Have you ever had any odd or strange experiences at Mass?

Because this happened at Mass I will post here.

Very strange occurrence at Saturday Mass yesterday.
I was overpowered by intense odors. This is very
unusual for me…never happened before.

First was perfume smell so strong I needed to leave
for a few minutes. Later a mothball smell, While on
way to communion the odor was a strong farm field
odor, as if just sprayed with manure. I am not being
disrespectful of Our Lord here, this actually was the

I need glasses for reading (but I try to get by without
them often). My hearing is acute – I notice any little
sound from anywhere. But odors have not affected me
like this. All of the odors at Mass yesterday were very
strong and have NEVER occurred before.

I’m not trying to make a religious deal out of this incident
but it sure is strange. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone
else smelled anything but was afraid to ask (think I’m weird).

When I returned inside the church from the perfume smell
I sat in a different area…going slowly to find a “safe” spot.
This was right before the Gospel reading, all were standing, so
I was inconspicuous.
A man motioned for me to sit where I was before but I told
him “someone doused themselves in perfume, I need to move.”
About 8 rows farther back I found a spot and this same man
approached me after mass…he is bothered by perfume smell
too but couldn’t smell anything. Very strange.

So, have you ever had any odd or strange experiences at Mass?

You might want to see your doctor and mention any other unusual symptoms you have been having. This could be an indication of something entirely different. Please have your risk of stroke assessed.

Are you serious? Are you a physician?

I appreciate your reply, but how, if at all, are weird odors
associated with a possible stroke.
while I do have circulatory problem (PAD), my doctor has never
talked about strange smells (although I don’t see him often).

[edit = I don’t go to MD often, MD happier if I would do so]

I’m not a doctor. I do have a strong science background, including molecular biology and I’m married to a physician. The brain is a wonderful and amazing organ. Some parts of it can be stimulated by things other than the external environment, (in your case, the olfactory portion). Such things include minor disruptions in blood flow, which could be an indication of stroke risk. I would mention it to your physician. Please don’t panic, but do not delay. Please mention it soon (call tomorrow, if possible) and write down any other symptoms that seem important since your last visit.

Of course, I am giving you the worst possibility. You may also have something like a sinus infection. Or, nothing at all. It isn’t possible to say over the internet, but something made me think of checking for stroke risk. If you haven’t seen your doctor in awhile, consider it a good reason to check in. :slight_smile:

thanks again for your reply.

I will take you up on your advice and I’m not panicking.
I’ll call tomorrow and hope all can wait until end of
October, am leaving on a trip this week.

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