Have you ever heard of this?


Have you ever heard of the,“Akashic records”?


I’ve heard of this either as a Buddhist religious belief or as a New Age/occult idea. I don’t know which it is.
Either way it seems to be something like a supernatural archive, a record of all events that take place in the world.


Thank you! the reason why I ask is that,as everyone on this forum knows Im a dreamer, I have these dreams that I cant seem to explain and the lastdream I just had was weird. I as in a cave,alone when I came across this piece of paper with my name written on the top of it. It was a white sheet of paper with yellow on it. It was like reading my biography!! It was so crazy! There were a few things on it that I was able to remember so I jumped up out of bed and wrote them down.It told me an event that will happen in my llife.It gave me exact numbers.(no,not lottery numbers!,LOL!) but it showed me an event that will happen.

one of the things I remember reading on the page was,“God’s Mercy”

Someone mentioned the ,“Akashic records” to me.


I found this…


WHOA!! didnt see that coming. Im not into the mystical thing thank you so much fo rthe info!



They sound familiar - I believe they are something to do with Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu, or other such “lost civilisations” & “forgotten wisdom”, & that sort of thing. But that’s the extent of my knowledge. :slight_smile:


Associated with Theosophy according to Church Militant’s link.
Theosophy is only about a century old so not really Buddhist after all.


Madame Helena Blavatsky was a theosophist who went to Tibet back in the late 19th century. She claied that Tibetan monks showed her a mysterious book that contained the deeper knowledge of the universe. (the Akashik records)

In this book, she learned about the occult history of the earth. There were seven “root races.” The first root race was the “astral beings,” and these were pure spirit. Then came the Lemurians, the Atlantean, and one other race–I can’t remember the names.

The Lemurians and the Atlanteans mated with the beasts and deformed their pure race. The result of this mating was mongrel races (like us!), espeically the Jews.

The fifth “root race” was the Ayrans, and their powerful occult symbol was the swastika… This race was the ancestors of the German peoples, who still retained many characteristics of this god-like race. According to Madame Blavatsky’s book, this race would rise again to dominate the earth.

Does all this sound familiar? The Nazi party lapped up Madame Blavatsky’s teachings and incorporated them into the formation of their racist teachings. For decades before Hitler came along, Germans swallowed this tripe about being part of the ancient Aryan race.

There were other occult teachers besides Blavatsky who taught the same doctrines. Richard Wagner was a big believer in this teaching, and incorporated the idea of an Aryan Christ into his operas.

Then when Hitler came along, he tied all the occult ends together and formed a party, took power, and started making all these teachings law of the land.

IMO, all this teaching is just the old “gnosticism” or “secret knowledge” heresy of the First Century.

But it’s very dangerous. It’s a very lovely thought: we are the “master race” and therefore have the right to take over the world. Very alluring doctrine.


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