Have you ever influenced or changed the world view religious understand ing


Have you ever influenced the world view religious understand ing of your friends

Or is everyone set in their ways?


Yes I have. I have gradually pushed several fallen away Catholics back into the fold. Having said that, most people are set in their ways and definitely not open to any rational persuation. The key is patience and prayer.

I find my time at Perpetual Adoration to be immensely helpful.



Quite often. Although rarely as much as I’d like. But a lot of people have said to me, “I never though of it that way.”


I probably have without knowing it. I always have my friends interest at heart and try to shift any bad beliefs they might have.


Yes, a coworker of mine (who had fallen away from the faith) heard me talking at work numerous times about God and he loved what he heard. So he decided to go back to church - the Pentecostal church. It wasn’t quite the outcome I thought it would be but at least the Holy Spirit is guiding him again.


Not yet. But I hope to. I entered the Church only 2 1/2 years ago. I am sponsoring a fallen away Catholic in RCIA though. Prayers for his re-version.


Yes but by being compassionate and accepting and just by being a friend in general. Happened tonight actually…talk is cheap and people really need love more than anything to help and change them. It’s probably rare that people choose their belief systems based on intellectual things alone.


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