Have you ever just "felt" that somebody is Catholic?

Sometimes, I can guess a person’s religion before they ever choose to tell me. The easiest people to figure out are atheists and Catholics. Do any of you get a certain feeling that you’re with a Catholic even though they don’t tell you anything about their religion?


Atheism is not a religion

To a Catholic, it’s not a religion. But to them, it’s their belief system and some of them are really quite adamant about promoting it. They write books and start blogs.

No, too many Catholics that don’t live or behave like Catholics.

Yes,often I can pick up that someone is a practicing Christian,and more often than not a Catholic at that .
These people are usually older, kind patient and gentle and will take a real interest in others around them.

what is the definition of Religion?

Read up on wikipedia. Answer my question please. Have you ever felt the religion of somebody?

what is YOUR definition of religion

I didn’t start this thread with the intention of worrying about the word religion.

If it bothers you, forget that I mentioned it’s easy to figure out atheists. I happen to believe atheism is a religion and many people follow it.

But take a minute to read my OP. Then respond to that please.

I beg to differ. They can say that all they want. It seems like atheists seem to believe Dawkins books are scripture and the internet is their church.

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The atheists I know would have no idea who dawkins is, and what dawkins stands for. And thats most people in my life.

their church would be the footy field, and Bathurst. the pub, and meat pies.
the internet usage would be Facebook to connect with friends, watch the footy , read footy scores, get weather reports, wool prices, and look at who is selling hay and for how much.

its really not a one size fits all.

No I can’t guess a person’s religion.
But if I guess atheist i think I’m more likely to be correct purely based on statistics.

No, I don’t get any “feeling” about Christians unless they say something that gives me a clue. I can usually tell when I’m around a Jewish person. Of course, people with Irish or Italian or Spanish names are likely to be Catholic, but it’s not a certainty.

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