Have you ever prayed for someone's conversion?

Have you ever prayed for someone’s conversion or return to the Church? If so, have your prayers been answered?

I have & all I can say is that I believe it’s helps, but it’s up to the person in the long run.

I’ll have to say the same thing as the one above me

I prayed for my wife to convert and she did about two to three years later. It can’t hurt, if anything it will help. It is up to the person in the end, it’s that crazy little thing called free will. But with God anything is possible. :thumbsup:

That rocks!!:thumbsup:

I was a Methodist when I married my Catholic wife.
She prayed daily for 10 years for my conversion and her prayers were answered.

Probably twenty times a day, for individuals and for groups.

:thumbsup: I have been seeing answers. Powerful answers.

It’s through Mary! That’s the wonderful thing. We can retain humility if we pray to Mary, provided we truly understand it’s not our prayers being answered but hers. And it’s not our ability to speak, for speaking only bounces off the mind unless prayer first softens the heart.

Here’s the solution to how to pray someone into the Catholic Church. First, we must be humble. We don’t insist on receiving an answer to our prayer at all, we don’t insist on our prayers being answered in our timing if they are answered, and we don’t claim any credit if our prayers are answered because we know it’s not our prayers being answered but Mary’s that are accomplishing everything.

For if we are speaking to her, she will go to her Spouse, the Holy Spirit, and He will soften the person’s heart, and then everything seems to just happen for us. Converting someone after the Holy Spirit has opened the person’s heart is like walking a short distance down an easy road on a cool summer evening, through a fair meadow, smelling the fragrance of flowers and feeling a pleasant cool breeze all the way. Prayer is everything. And it’s Mary’s prayers that are INVINCIBLE.

If we know that we are nothing, that our prayers and efforts in people’s conversion amount to no more than .1% of the job, that Mary prays everything into effect and the Holy Spirit is the one that acts, then the glory leaps up to God and the Lord can answer our prayers without our egos destroying us.

On a sidenote, it also helps to know what your faith is, and the reasons to believe it, through research so that you can explain things to someone who the Holy Spirit causes to be interested.

My parents left the Church when they were young, and they returned about 10 years ago. I was not raised religious at all, and when they returned, I was the typical rebellious teenager and refused to convert. My mother prayed for many years for my conversion, and her prayers were answered. Here I am now, I’ve been Catholic for 9 years.

Yes! My husband and sister returned to the Church, and my brother-in-law just joined RCIA.

However, I have an agnostic friend I’ve been praying for for nearly 20 years now. She still hasn’t come around yet. . .

Yes, and sometimes I feel like St. Monica must have felt when praying for St. Augustine for all those years. But I am going to imitate her example and not give up.

I’ve been praying and sacrificing for over 2 years now. Still waiting . . .

St. Monica is my hero :thumbsup:

yes and yes

I have as well, but like many said people have to come to it themselves. Honestly, I don’t understand how people can live without a belief in God.

They feel in their hearts that they’re missing something big, but they want to think of themselves as satisfied and happy. It’s a pride thing, I think.

I pray every day for the conversion of my estranged wife…she left with the kids nearly a year ago. Yes there were problems but nothing that could not have been sorted out in some shape or form…One of her gripes was that I loved God more than her…how do you answer that?
Since leaving she has pretty well stopped practising her religion and the kids rarely go to Mass despite my attempts to get them there…she offers no support in this matter and the kids are becoming indifferent to their religion…a priest once said “Do you really think God wants you to drag your children to Mass by the scruff of the neck?”…so I have resorted to the St, Monica method and have resigned myself to the fact that I may have to do a few years praying for conversion…so be it! Amen and God bless all you people in a similar situation.

Great answer :slight_smile:

I pray daily, but I’ve never seen any signs of conversion in anyone for whom I pray.

I pray for miraculous healings for many people who just get sicker. I pray for people to get jobs who never get jobs. I pray for infertile couples who never conceive. I pray for my country that seems never to repent. I pray for marriages to be saved, but they still fall apart. I pray all the time.

I pray, pray, pray. I see no fruit of my prayers. Sometimes it seems futile.

But, I’ll keep praying because I know that God wants me to. And, even if my prayers avail nothing, I at least have pleased God.

I don’t know if my prayers help anyone else, but I do know that the act of praying changes me for the better.

I pray every day that my husband will start going to Mass with us. I see little changes in him, but he hasn’t reached the point where he’s ready to come with us. He went begrudgingly when I was going through RCIA while we were engaged. Shortly after the wedding he stopped going. He went all last school year while our daughter was preparing for her first communion and then he dropped off immediately after she made her first communion.

I pray for my husband every day.

I’d be just fine if he’d go to Mass with us…

But it’s all in God’s hands. I allow my patron saint Monica to pray for us as well.

I believe that I will see his conversion before I die.

Nice one on the emergency 911…but here in Ireland/U.K our emergy. No. is 999…so we have to pray more than you…lots of love and God bless.

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