Have you ever seriously discerned religious life?

For example, spending time on a retreat, or as a postulant, novice, or taken temporary vow? If so, what order, if you wish to tell, and anything you may wish to add.

7 years in an order and about 5 discerning befor that.


I visited a Cloistered Carmelite Monastery with a group of other young ladies, I believe we were in a catechism class together. No retreats no even sitting and talking with any of the nuns there by myself. I did want to be a Cloistered Carmelite before I met hubby. Notice the emphasis on I DID WANT instead of asking God what He wanted for me and for His help in that decision. Well “Stupid me” I didn’t give it the full and true discernment I should have. I was a Junior/Senior in High School. I was too wishy washy about it and didn’t even give it a real try. After I got married I regretted that I hadn’t given the religious vocation serious discernment or thought and it bothered me for MANY years. I still think about it from time to time and wonder. But I’ve been married 32 plus years and I do believe I’m in the Vocation God chose for me. I have to “Bloom where I am planted”. I can still very much do God’s will as a wife and mother.

We have a niece who is a cloistered Passionist Nun. She is very happy.


Wow, only two people on the whole forum.

Crazy, man.

Not seriously, but I have taken an online vocations test that shows that my best matches were the Carmelite Fathers of St Elias, Canons Regular of St John Cantius, and the Congregation of Christian Brothers.


That’s interesting. I did not know about such a test. Pretty cool.

I am currently. I had day visits and overnights at a few convents and fell in love with a Carmelite community. I’ll be writing to them to formally request entry in the very near future :slight_smile:


Here is the link: but I think you have to sign up to view your results


Well I am only 14 and been trying to figure out for about a year whether or not God is calling me to be a secular priest. I think I might be called to be one, but I am going to be real careful and not just seek my own approval, but that of God’s. I pray I will develop virtue and be patient. Plus I have much to learn.


Tawny is a friar. I haven’t seen him too much recently, I hope he didn’t leave the forum!

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Never mind, I saw the link :+1:t3:

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Years ago I went on a couple of retreats, but my desire to have a family prevent me from becoming a priest.

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Yes, I wish that I had been successful. Only tried the Olivetan Benedictines, but wish I had discerned with other communities.

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I thought Tawny was a female!

Actually you are both wrong. Tawny is an angel.

When I was in high school I really wanted to be a nun. However, I wasn’t even Catholic then. I wanted to be Catholic.
Later I felt God was calling me to be married.
Looking back, I wish I would have become Catholic and become a Sister.

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Per the user info, tawny is still around and posted last a few days ago.

Yes, I’ve stayed multiple times with some Benedictines in CT, but in the end I didn’t feel like it was the correct community. I’ve currently got scheduled, so now the waiting game begins, a week long stay with some Visitation nuns in VA. They were kind enough that, when I said I do a lot of reading and asked if there was anything that I could read that explained their life and their spirituality, they sent me books from their personal library because they said they might be hard to find. I’ve read through them all and am feeling even better about the community, plus just the personalities that I encounter in letters I exchange with them, than I did when I left the Benedictines.

One letter I got from one of the sisters apologized for using a card with pears on it since it was what was available. I told her she didn’t have to apologize, I really like pears and thought the card was pretty. Apparently that set her to chuckling when she read my response.

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Actually @tawny is a third order Franciscan, which means, that person is a lay Franciscan.

Maybe you have a different tawny. I know for sure he is a friar.

Oh ok, I think he is more active on the prayer request threads.

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