Have you ever spoken to God?


I’ve ever heard some people from all over the world claiming they ever spoke to god, as in vocally speaking and getting answers. Do you think it’s actually possible? If yes then I wish I can be a part of these lucky persons.


Easy to speak with God … harder to hear Him … still harder to listen to his Word … but He always answers those who call upon Him


Any time we pray,we speak to God. Let me rephrase that statement slightly. Any time we engage in vocal prayer, we are talking to God. Prayer is conversation with God. It is the lifting of our hearts and minds to God. The author of The Cloud of Unknowing says "In itself prayer is nothing else than a devout setting of our will in the direction of God in order to get good, and remove evil…For in God is all good, for He is its beginning and its being."
God speaks to us in many ways. It may be a “prompting” to act in a certain way, or an insight into a particular situation that we are facing. These will not necessarily be vocal, which I would think is the question being asked.
In order to hear God, we need to “be still” enabling us to hear His whisper. It will often be unexpected, perhaps while standing on a bridge and watching the water of a creek as it flows beneath.
My response to a lawyer who said “It’s not like you hear God” was “It’s always subject to discernment.” A person who hears God’s voice needs to differentiate between personal imagination, other spirits, and the Word of God. If what I hear is from God, such as “do not swim against the current,” it will be supported by Scripture and prophecy, personal circumstances, and the magisterium. If any of these elements is missing, then it is not from God…


Dear Alix. I would like to suggest again, that if possible… you spend time before the Blessed Sacrament in Eucharistic Adoration. Check to see if your parish offers this. Many of them (if not most) do.

I’ve heard it said… that “Silence is the first Language of God”. And in silence, we are best able to hear His Voice… speaking to us. There is no more silent or serene place (in my humble opinion) than in the Presence of Our Eucharistic Lord.

Somehow, I don’t seem to hear the Lord’s Voice… with my ears. But rather, I “feel” the Lord’s Voice… in my soul. I don’t know if that is helpful to you… but that has been my experience.

God bless you! :slight_smile:


On a retreat that I attended, the priest described how the French understood the heart as actually being the stomach or gut. That “gut feeling” we have is God speaking to us.

The deepest form of prayer is contemplation in which we move beyond words into the very presence of God.

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